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  1. Welcome to the army Good Sir !
  2. Welcome aboard good sir !
  3. PSN: YamashitaRyouji Feel free to add me to your friendlist i dont have a whole lot of games yet for PS4 but it's slowly getting better haha Games i am currently playing : Destiny Taken King BF Hardline [ I know not the best game out there but its fun enough] Killzone Shadow Fall ElderScrolls Online [ Recently began so not too high in terms of level] Star Wars Battlefront+ Bespin DLC [ Absolute Star Wars nerd so had to get it ] Do you want to be added to the AJSA Group: Sure sounds like fun Do you want to be added to the AJSA Rooms: Sounds good.
  4. Welcome aboard !
  5. Greetings My Fellow Angry Army members. I have recently applied to the Destiny clan on ps4 but it has been around 3 days now and even though i'm part of the group i still need to recieve the OK to actually represent the clan ingame. Considering the Iron Banner DLC that will soon be released which allows alot of clan items i'd love to be representing the AJSA Is this division still alive or is it no longer actively used ? Warm regards HeadlessWarfare
  6. Headlesswarfare is my soldier name for pc i did apply for the platoon
  7. Should check up on Osu!
  8. I had quite a blast with DA2 true i expected it to be better but these days most games do not exceed expectations i personally agree that yes the story could have been better and the general gameplay experience did at sometime feel like a pain in my arse but a few flaws should not keep you from getting it especially since the characters you made in both origin and DA2 will effect most likely have effect on the Inquisition game as far as i read on several forums and the clues DA Inquisition passes on Facebook. Back to DA2 Yes it is smaller then Origins/Awakening the maps on their own were pretty nicely designed it just becomes frustrating that you keep going back to the 6 sections of the game and uou get hardly any information on what is going on in Ferelden. The only character that you might run into from origin is Alistair if you made him king i believe only then. Its worth 6$ but not the 49.99 i paid for it at release. I hope this helps on your decision With Love Headlesswarfare. ps. DA2 gets you in touch with the inquisition in the starting cinematic where varric is interrogated Just one scene though if i recall properly
  9. Im open to be part of the chivalry command team i got 120hrs invested in the game i am however dutch so i wont be able to openly participate in all of the NA events Lemme know if you want me. Kind regards and much love =AJSA=Headlesswarfare
  10. Hello brothers and sisters of our beloved army. So browsing through the tornbanner forums I ren against a topic that tornbanner is going to be releasing chivalry medieval to console so i was wondering what you guys think of their decision I personally think its going to be a hell of a challenge considering the mechanics of the game What be thou opinion ?? With love =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare
  11. With that said seph i kinda feel it needed to say that honestly i do not have alot of AJSA people on my friendlist on steam so you cant expect anyone to right of the bat name people who are part of ajsa that play it too. This might make me jerk but thats not my intention. This is my first attempt to have a game recornized so forgive the small information i mostly only read the forums and reply haha I appreciate that you want to keep this open for a bit longer Also i wonder why beta's are not allowed as ajsa as far as i know we try to raise awareness for gaming and many also do kickstarter perhaps AJSA As it is a big community should strive more to check out games even if they are open beta Correct me if i'm wrong im just a guy that enjoys gaming haha occasionally i make horrible topics Either way love you all
  12. I might invest in it but at this time it seems a little risky for me personally
  13. Marvelous idea i say go for it !
  14. My fellow warriors of the AJSA !. I have since recently purchased Life Is Feudal. The game is simular to rust however its in Medieval theme. I wonder if perhaps our grand army would support this game so that we can build our settlement and conquer its lands !. I advice you all look it up as i personally see its great potential Pro's : Massive Crafting Variety in which everyone can train to become a certain role [blacksmith/Housebuilder/Farmer and more !] Combat that feels similar to Chivalry Medieval Warfare Massive Open World in which the player creates what you see [ Apart from the tree's and such but thats obvious xD ] A soon to be released mobile app which allows you to do minigames for faster crafting/building/tree logging Alot of content to still be added !! Con's Early Beta version it is sometimes a little buggy but hey with that you can actually have input in the general development in the game ! I feel its best when you play with many more primarily due to the fact that unless the server owner has upgraded the speed of skill gain you will be spending about 5hrs in the game before you can build a house xD Lag occasionally shows up due to the fact that the servers at this moment can not yet support around 40 players at once [ I tried with 40 of my friends and yah we lagged out Occasional game crashes this is also part of the Early Beta setup Example of gameplay: Well ive been playing with a couple of my fellow stoner dutch guys and we decided to make a settlement which ermmm kinda ended up turning in a town rather then settlement xD I do not know of any AJSA members that play it henceforth i bring it up. The reason i believe this could work as an official AJSA game is primarily due to the fact that the game provides the players with this open world with trees wolves moose's rabbits in which you are let say a lonely survivor and you decide to build a little hamlet to call home which i did i ended up having 15 people in my verry first settlement alone so it does have a smexy player base ! [ For more info and videos i have placed a couple of links below ] http://lifeisfeudal.com/ http://lifeisfeudal.gamepedia.com/Life_is_Feudal_Wiki Hope to see you all in world !!! Signed: Yours Truly HeadlessWarfare ps. i do apoligize for the shitty post i had setup here before i guess next time perhaps i should wait to be home and not out on dinner with my inlaws to share my ideas ! cellphone forums are a pain for this dutch guy. Anyway love you all !!