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  1. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by DAKFraggin in Hey YA'LL from DAKFraggin   
    Was just added to the Battlefield Platoon.  Looking forward to meeting everyone and enjoying some great game play.  
  2. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by John Hamilton in My Brothers and Sisters,My Blood Hello   
    Greeting To All, My name is John Hamilton, Ive been watching Angry Joe for awhile now and our commanders reviews are honest and to the point and frankly we need that in the gaming universe now more than ever, There are too many developers out there now that sugarcoat their games for E3 and glorify it in interviews and mere mentionings only to have it come out unfinished,gutted of its former broadcastings ok The Words im lookin for are We Are tired of Being Lied To,Baited then Tricked out of our money.Some will say thats marketing for you and others will agree with me.No Mans Sky has left me crashed because i was in love with the game for announcement to present, all me and my friends did at work was talk about it we couldnt wait for multiplayer interstellar combat start our own squadrons and roleplay and have fun again because this year in 2016 So Far its been a Gamers DeadZone nothing that has come out is hardly worth it. My Hope For Tomorrow is For better Gaming for all Who all themselves gamers and I hope as we Enter September we can shake the dust off our consoles and pc and start gaming for real again. To My brothers and sisters and arms, i stand with you proud and willing to support The Angry Joe army , All I have our my fingers,brain and determination but with friends at your back you can accomplish anything. My Name is John Hamilton and Im a Gamer and a Nerd and proud of it, Never Give Up Never Surrender!
  3. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by Madfinnishgamer38 in My Brothers and Sisters,My Blood Hello   
    I spy a Disturbed fan... ;P
    Either way, I wish you welcome.
  4. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by SirWookie in SirWookie deployed to the front line!   
    Hello everyone.
    SirWookie here reporting in and saying hello.
    I've been a long time fan of the AJ show - First video I saw was the Colonial Marines review. I too was raged by that game, having had it on pre-order for over 6 years with it's constant delays and put backs. It's a coaster now on the desk!
    I'm a mid 30's married father of three but I do manage to get game time in, and I like all platforms.
    Hope to see some of you out there!
  5. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Anyone Surprised at Shadow of Mordor?   
    I'm going to lock this thread because we already have one on this topic here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/23262-shadow-of-mordor-hopes-and-fears/
    So please head there and discuss, there is no point having 2 threads on the same topic.
    Thread locked.
  6. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and it's state here in the AJSA.   
    As you all may know, Chivalry Medieval Warfare was passed for full support by admin Tons0fun in April of 2014. However, because of a lack of a Game Officer, the launch of the Chivalry division was put on hiatus due to this progress. I have found out from Commander Damion Rayne that there are no fellow Sergeants interested in the job, and he did not want to force the job on anyone.
    I fully understand Damion's decision. The role of a Game Officer is an important role here in the AJSA. It requires leadership, organization, and major responsibility. But I feel that we can raise the attention that Chivalry is supported and we can play as a group.
    I have created this thread to respark interest in Chivalry's full support here in the AJSA. I, along with 93 members have voted yes to a fully supported Chivalry, and I have asked moderators FluffyZykone and Apex Spartan from time to time if a Game Officer has been found. If you still support Chivalry on the AJSA, please do so by ticking yes on the poll.
    I do not know if this is against the Code of Conduct, and I do not know if this thread may be locked, but I just wish to respark interest and get people to support the game, and maybe get someone who is willing to accept the role.
  7. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by JaredtheJerk in Life Is Feudal   
    As I have said, I have a server for any interested in playing and perhaps making a community for the ASJA. PM me for server info
  8. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Life Is Feudal   
    If you really want to win the support of the Army to support the game, you should make a request in this format: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/23130-read-second-example-for-game-request/
    "I advice you all look it up as i personally see its great potential" - A lot of people will think that's lazy. If you can represent the game well, people might vote up for it, but like this, you will get 0 interest. Read that link I gave you and represent the game in that way if you can. If you can't, at least add some more information because what you wrote now is you just basically asked people to support a game without even showing or telling us what it is. 
    Remember that a lot of people are too lazy to Google themselves so this is your chance to represent the game if you really care about it so use the chance.
    There is no gain without pain = you need to put more effort if you want the support of the army. ^^
  9. crazykidsbite liked a post in a topic by =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare in Life Is Feudal   
    My fellow warriors of the AJSA !.
    I have since recently purchased Life Is Feudal.
    The game is simular to rust however its in Medieval theme.
    I wonder if perhaps our grand army would support this game so that we can build our settlement and conquer its lands !.
    I advice you all look it up as i personally see its great potential

    Pro's :
    Massive Crafting Variety in which everyone can train to become a certain role [blacksmith/Housebuilder/Farmer and more !] 
    Combat that feels similar to Chivalry Medieval Warfare 
    Massive Open World in which the player creates what you see [ Apart from the tree's and such but thats obvious xD ] 
    A soon to be released mobile app which allows you to do minigames for faster crafting/building/tree logging
    Alot of content to still be added !! 
    Early Beta version it is sometimes a little buggy but hey with that you can actually have input in the general development in the game ! 
    I feel its best when you play with many more primarily due to the fact that unless the server owner has upgraded the speed of skill gain you will be spending about 5hrs in the game before you can build a house xD 
    Lag occasionally shows up due to the fact that the servers at this moment can not yet support around 40 players at once [ I tried with 40 of my friends and yah we lagged out 
    Occasional game crashes this is also part of the Early Beta setup 
    Example of gameplay:
    Well ive been playing with a couple of my fellow stoner dutch guys and we decided to make a settlement which ermmm kinda ended up turning in a town rather then settlement xD 
    I do not know of any AJSA members that play it henceforth i bring it up. 
    The reason i believe this could work as an official AJSA game is primarily due to the fact that the game provides the players with this open world with trees wolves moose's rabbits in which you are let say a lonely survivor and you decide to build a little hamlet to call home which i did i ended up having 15 people in my verry first settlement alone so it does have a smexy player base ! 
    [ For more info and videos i have placed a couple of links below ]

    Hope to see you all in world !!! 
    Signed: Yours Truly HeadlessWarfare 
    ps. i do apoligize for the shitty post i had setup here before i guess next time perhaps i should wait to be home and not out on dinner with my inlaws to share my ideas ! cellphone forums are a pain for this dutch guy. 
    Anyway love you all !! 
  10. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by Sparker43 in The new addition   
    Thanks glad to be here
    Thank you comrade, our enemies will fall to our might
  11. Sparker43 liked a post in a topic by =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare in The new addition   
    Welcome aboard comrade let us bring death to all who oppose us
  12. Asura The Destructor liked a post in a topic by =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare in Hello everyone.   
    Welcome Aboard the Fleet brother !
  13. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by Asura The Destructor in Hello everyone.   
    I'm Asura The Destructor, I've been a gamer since 2004, and I've decided to join this great community. Feel free to add me on PSN/XBL/Steam/Origin etc.
    Peace out

  14. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by JoelMattGarcia in Hello everyone.   
    Hello. Welcome to the Angry Army.
  15. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by ' in Chivalry Deadliest Warriors   
    Well maybe we could play, if you want to just add me.
  16. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by AJW in Kids to play Mature/Adult games? - Angry Poll!!   
    Cant the last Q be multiple choice?
  17. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by RenegadeSpectre in Hello Everyone!   
    Hello everyone, my name is Rob. I been playing video games all my life. the system's I mostly play my games on are PC and PS4, but I been playing Smite, World of Warcraft, Mass Effect's (all three games) and Batman Arkham Origins. On my PS4 I mostly play Assassin's Creed 4 and Battlefield 4.
    I am currently in junior college and planning to transfer to a good college for getting my bachelor's degree in video game designer. 
  18. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by JackReacher in GTA Online Server Sucking big time !   
    GTAO sucks. It's nothing like I thought it'd be, a huge let-down. They really fucked it over when they encourage PVP. There should be non PVP servers imo.
  19. JackReacher liked a post in a topic by =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare in Hello from the UK   
    Welcome my british comrade ! 
    *hands you a badge of Dutch Approval*
  20. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by JackReacher in Hello from the UK   
    Hello, my brother from another mother.
  21. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by Tom in Hello from the UK   
    What's new?
  22. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by ssk1777 in Nytefury reporting for duty!   
    It is nice to meet you I am also a very devout christian and it is good to see more christian gamers out there. I thought our numbers were depleting but it  appears not.- welcome and God bless.   
  23. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by MrAckle in DojimaDude Reporting For Duty !   
    Welcome to the team, you've got quite a good background and you work in a gamestore, maybe you can give out discounts every now and again
  24. =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare liked a post in a topic by Corporate Agent in DojimaDude Reporting For Duty !   
    Welcome. Hoop je vind het leuk hier.
  25. abilly85 liked a post in a topic by =AJSA=HeadlessWarfare in STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT 2 (PC) - VOTE FAILED   
    im absolutely up for any amount of Star Wars Related combat games so yeah i personally support SW BF2 aswel even tho it is relatifely outdated the game is still pretty fun to play especially the space combat sequences. with mods it can become a marvelous experiance but thats just how i think about it. 
    on my account a deffinate YES !