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  1. In either case, when are we expecting the league to start back up? I'm ready to go no matter what the decisions are! I had fun in all of my matches the first time around an would love to get at it again!
  2. Well we can post a new thread to invite new players considering a lot left during this season, maybe message those that showed interest in the forum for the new season? I just would like to keep playing in a league, it's more fun than one-offs and offline.
  3. Hey I'm on Northern Shiverpeaks, One of my guys is Zupah Spooka.
  4. Inducements can help, but a fresh team going against a far more experienced team still may put them off, a single star player only goes so far while a well rounded and leveled team can destroy the rest of the inexperienced ones. Let's see what the other members say though and go with the poll.
  5. I'm going to vote for new teams (little more exciting to test new ones in a league) and keep these teams in reserve for season 3. I think we need to try to get more new players and keeping the teams will be putting them at a major disadvantage.
  6. Well it looks like this will be another drawn out bloodbath, I like it!
  7. In the longest Blood Bowl match I've ever seen (28 turns) Auld But Not Old barely pulled off an overtime win against Choo Choo Steamroller. Bones were broken, a dead Tomb guardian got the MVP, and no levels (again...) came from the match, but the win is still there. A shout-out to our host for an amazingly good game that kept me cursing the Blood Bowl gods and kept me on the edge of my seat for 28 turns. I don't know how the finals will beat this match. Dropbox Replay: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3hyq5ojt3gn8pg/Replay_2013-12-31_11-31-04.db
  8. Other-Northern Shiverpeaks
  9. Well if he isn't continuing it looks like I don't have a match for 2 weeks... If anyone wants to play any matches outside the league I am always willing to do so. I just wish I was able to play more in the league.
  10. Well it seems that even Odin cannot protect his men against the rage of the undead, a 2-0 victory for the Auld But Not Old brings about the first level ups from the massacre of the Norse players. A shout out to Rocket for a great game and a hope that his men are able to recover soon to play more matches. Such is the way of Blood Bowl. Replay: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cqm2ycqzbuyjm86/Replay_2013-12-07_11-17-51.db
  11. Bones and scales were left on the pitch to no avail. A 1-1 draw is the final score from my match with Vale. Here's the replay: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9mqg1alh20b3kzv/Replay_2013-12-04_17-09-51.db
  12. I'll join in! Forum name: magnusthefistdemon Coach Name: magnusfistdemon Steam name: biggie_reg Team Race: Khemri