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  1. Its like 10 outside right now for me....
  2. I can be helpful occasionally.
  3. "Ass, Ass N titties" and he dances like Carlton. That had to be one that went to the top of my list with any review he has done for a "shitty game"
  4. I gave you kudos for even attempting to decipher the text. I no longer bother.
  5. I need to zen more often.
  6. Actually I have a few pre orders coming out in February so I imagine they will take me up to the point where I work seven days a week and get so tired I don't care about gaming, then once summer is over I think the games I want will be out for release so im not to worried about those few months of no major releases.
  7. Its a hope at least........ Even if really, really vague................
  8. Well......... Maybe stuff will pop up later? Actually all the games I have on watch have mostly no dates set yet which is HIGHLY aggravating.
  9. Its amazing what the intoxicated will "sleep" with now a days. There's just no accounting for taste I tell you.
  10. If that was the case you not only would have been laughed at but not given the key.
  11. Don't worry I assumed as much. Steve still rules though.
  12. Did you even read his full post ? Probably not. This is the internet and selective literacy is the majority.
  13. I don't really get the question......... Well, how the question is termed. But I'd have to say or But the most epic of any weapon I have ever used or its wielder was indeed Steve (a slingshot) and Xiao.
  14. For the best of my mental state I decided to stick to the classic movies and ignore anything new as far as "Aliens" goes. I dislike seeing a beloved things name beat down in to a heap of festering corpse ridden feces.
  15. In winter where I live in Rhode Island we either get terribly cold or get "spring" like winters. Its pretty much location dependent.