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  1. my favorite its a local card game made it in my country name it Humankind the mechanics were cools the factions were interestings and the lore was pretty rich but sadly the game was dicontinued with only 3 expansions and the original realises i can show you the trailer of the game and his wikipedia page but sadly its in spanish if you can understand the language see it without problems http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humankind
  2. well this problem also happends with the screwattack channel where in a random day i lost subscriptions to a lot of channel and the worst part no matter how many times i tried i cant subscribe again the angryjoeshow channel i dont if happen to another person or its just me or the youtube sstem its getting worse by the time
  3. ok so the review is already out and I watch it and I like it here's the link of the video http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/nostalgia-critic/41449-man-of-steel
  4. the problem is when the game isnt avalible in the country where you live then I think you can play the game in pirate version because isnt your fault that you cant pay for the game
  5. well for the ones who doesnt know what game its this im gonna tell you right now: awesomenauts its a 3vs3 2D MOBA with elements of platformers with a total of 15 playable and free characters plus 3 more coming in the next DLC starstorm. the rules are as basic as they can get in a MOBA: you need to push against the other team with the help of your minions and destroy the enemy base pros: 15 characters 9 of them are lock but easy to get a lot of upgrades and fun costumisable characters great gameplay and fair balanced no mic option in the game (no annoying mic spam) easy learnig system cheap game (only $9.99 on steam) totalbiscuit and one of the member of the ygocast have their own characters with their voices all the character have they own backstory and theme song if you want a character you can buy a skin and unlocked right away there's official tournaments cons: only 4 maps only +1 coming in the next DLC a lot of habilites are lock and only can get by levelyng up in game there's lack of spectator mode no clan creation other mode that is deadmatch its still in beta and only accesible in full version for the one who buy the starstorm DLC that's all I can say right now if there something I forgot pleasse tell me right away
  6. this has to be a yes ... there so many modes and maps and even maps where you can practice and being a complete stupid and do a lot of funny things you can see some example in the lazypurple server
  7. well considering I LOVE the Mario RPG i Want to know what are the AJSA user favorites mine are super mario RPG and Bowsers inside story
  8. as there's no 3DS sub-forum right now I wanted to now if there someone who want to exchange friend codes so its going to be more easy to make some tournament of for example pokemon or mario kart im going to put my friend code down on this post so feel fre to add me FC: 1048-8643-7491
  9. to me angry joe and NC are kind on the same boat when they do reviews specially joe when is doing shitty games review when he goes crazy and yell all bad thins are int that game just like the nostalgia critic does when he cant stand some of tha bullshit happend in the movie they are pretty similar in their structure of reviewing overall.
  10. to all the guy they say that the wii-U is gonna fail: the same was say about the N64 when they hold the cartrigde system the says about the NDS about the 2 screens and the same says about the that it went to sell less than ps3 & xbox360 the problem its they dont have a real community support like the psn and xbox friend list they have to make this a big community so its going to be easy to the players play with friends and people in dedicated servers and beyond.
  11. STAR WARS: REPUBLIC COMMANDO that game deserve a sequel i heard once rumors that they wnet to make a sequel call Star wars: republic commando order 66 base on the novels of the same name and one of the suppose level you fight with your squadron against a jedi and you beat it..... i really play that game so much
  12. well considering that im latin american and some videogames makes HORRIBLES voice overs for the latinamerican audience im almost always go for sub games specially english videogames so i can learn and practice my listenning meawhile i do something i like same goes to the japanese
  13. I only make this topic to know what kind of DLC do you like The most can be a pack of skin new game modes or even new soundtrack mine in particular are 2: the awesomenauts Starstom DLC (it's still in beta test) and the skylander figures
  14. -Skylanders (any of the first 2 spyro's adventures & Giants) I can see why people hate the concept of buying The DLC to complete the 100% the game and the drastic transformation of spyro in this games (for the record never played any of the spyro games) but the gameplay its fun, the co-op works, the arena mode give me always a smile on my face and the figures detail and work they put in them are FANTASTIC, they are gorgeus to look at it and the characters are really colorfull and very funny specially the villians I didnt have the oportunnity to play the third one but man that game looks even more beatifull and live. I recommended and if you say its to easy if you have a lot of figures TRY to beat any single level 100% in the highest difficulty + for give the possibility to bring the old figures to the newest games