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Everything posted by Gone

  1. The guild is dominion but some of us rolled Daggerfall and Ebonheart. A few people that rolled DC or EP didn't join the guild though so it doesn't matter much.
  2. Only if they can be turned off... Personally I hate them, they bug the ever living crap out of me.
  3. Ahhh Fighters Guild.... Pretty decent quest chain to be fair and it gave me my first purple when I finished it.
  4. I was all set to come in with "well i'll never play it".... Then I read "free".... I like free things. I'll play it.
  5. Well that showed me absolutely nothing about the game. As trailers go, it was boring as fuck.
  6. I'm one of those strange folk that solo roam in MMO's but, as said above, you may want to group up .... some quests have a boss at the end that can be pretty tough .... or annoying .... or both. In later zones, especially Bangkorai, you will probably want to group too. Mob packs come in 3's and 4's and some of them hit like trucks carrying bricks .... one quest to get a gargoyle tongue and they are on par with boss fights .... helps to have a buddy or two.
  7. Housing is the only thing I care about .... with mannequins. I like to keep sets of armour I like but can't due to my bank, bank alts and current bags being filled with bloody crafting mats.
  8. So, in short .... it's a whine thread about other people being in an MMO.
  9. Now that was unexpected. I literally just watch a guy on TV then a few days later hear he died. Just for the record though, he legally changed his name to Warrior in 1993 so he was no longer known as Hellwig.
  10. If you want a new weapon then get yourself a bomb group. They are appearing on the EU campaigns now, didn't realise this game had bombing talents but I was wrong...... They chew through groups too.
  11. I've had to do that with 2 bank alts and max bag space on them (which is damn expensive). Bloody crafting mats coming out of my ears.
  12. It's a nightmare trying to get anywhere near the top of our leaderboard. We have a few people with well over 1 million points. Think i'm something like 34th in line for the throne. Hopefully those buggers at the top of ours might sleep soon so the rest of us get a go. Congrats on that though.
  13. Easiest way is to buddy up with someone, craft a ton of stuff, swap with your friend and then break it all down. You get more crafting xp for breaking down gear other people craft than your own. If you look in chat you'll see people looking to swap crafted gear. Usually daggers.
  14. It's not a bug, quests phase areas so chances are if you've completed a quest then you won't be able to help anyone who hasn't. They won't be changing it either because that's how the entire game works.
  15. I was 24 when that game came out. When people bring up LEGO, I see this....
  16. Grind? I'm level 31 and haven't done any grinding .... except faces in Cyrodiil. I think some of you are doing it wrong.
  17. I saw no sign of Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild. I'll show interest when those appear in a content update ... until then I suppose yay, more bugged quests being added.
  18. Trading Guilds work yeah. There are some floating around now, i'm in one purely for ... well ... trading. They don't do anything else as a guild though so don't be making/joining trading guilds on the hope of running dungeons together. The ones i've seen are purely for trade and folk have other guilds for everything else.
  19. Claudia Black ... technically game related ... she does Morrigans voice. Courtenay Taylor ... also game related ... she does the voice for Jack from Mass Effect. Eliza Dushku ... I just want ... although she's also in a game ... but I just want.
  20. I didn't know that when I made my character. I'd heard rumour but nothing concrete.
  21. From a personal viewpoint I just prefer the Daggerfall quest line and areas. Fortunately i'm safe from both. I'm not on Teamspeak and i'm in a different campaign. I think the EU Dominion lot are on Skull Crusher or something similar .... i'm on Auriel's Bow. So are the other guys playing Daggerfall from this community. I've seen some in Cyrodiil anyway. No idea what campaign the guys in Ebonheart are on though.
  22. I was hoping for more Vampires than I currently see. My Dragon Knight chews them up thanks to the extra 50% fire damage they take.
  23. The problem with Taker now is he's knackered. He's getting on in years and his body is fucked. There was no way he was going to have matches now like he did against the likes of HBK. I'll be honest, i'm glad it went the way it did or they would drag it on to next year and he NEEDS to retire. Bray V Cena ... not too happy how that went. Bryan V HHH ... Went as expected but after match was predictable. Andre the Giant Battle Royal ... Glad with the winner of this one. Diva match ... Look, either push the diva's division or shut it down. They get one match every so often and they look amateur when it comes to big matches like this. It was painful to watch. Just coming up to the main event now.
  24. So they take the greatest martial artist of all time .... the creator of Jeet Kune Do .... and EA put him in a game to make money. This annoys me far more than it should.
  25. I don't have any time for people that type in shorthand .... guess how much i've got for people that can't just say what needs to be said?