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  • Birthday 06/25/1991

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    Team based games is where I excel.
    ANGRY ARMY!!!!
  1. Any Helpful Tips out there for a new player like myself for pvp in a game like Elder Scrolls Online? Any strategies or Effects based attacks people should be looking for? Is Blocking effective against pvp? or is it useless? SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE!!!
  2. yea same here, i tried accepting the invite but couldnt do it. and now i dont have the invite anymore... i need another invite please. @Shadow3357 already in guild
  3. Send me an invite, account Shadow3357 sent
  4. I'll test 15 with wifi. But im sure that should be enough.
  5. My Internet was downgraded when I moved to a new apartment. .. 3mbps sucks!!! But I'm getting 15 soon! Can't even play battlefield because I can't download the updates! !!! 5 to 6 hours each! !!!
  6. So what type of internet speeds would pc gamers recommend to have a nice experience with online gaming. So like Playing games like Fps or other genres?
  7. yea, we should definitely have new servers with the new maps. and then servers with vanillas. maybe one server that will have all the expansions when they come like a premium member server, that way people know that those servers have all the expansions. so vanilla servers and premium servers? sounds like a good idea to me? Any takers??
  8. Extra xp sounds ok, but I just want the game fixed before Christmas. Nothing better than blowing things up with people, without the game crashing on you...
  9. Battlelog, steam, and psn name is the same as here, Shadow3357. I've been trying to do as much bf4 as possible but moving out to a new apartment is a killer!!! But lets get some games in guys and gals!!!!
  10. Up and ready for all the community stuff that will be going on!!! can't wait to squad up with others in battlefield 4. Angry Army!!!