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    Gaming, History, Science and lots of other stuff.
  1. Did wanna play it untill I stumbled on Magic the Gathering, been addicted to it ever since. I already put 200+ euro into the cards in just a few months
  2. Its better if ranks are given to those who seem fit for the job, not from the forum rank.
  3. I love both rock and metal, but I also like to listen to some classical music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho9rZjlsyYY
  4. I wish I could say yes, because I really love the game a lot. But I would be unreliable as I play many other games and most of the time I don't play it for a long time. I haven't played it since riders of rohan came out. I do still want to play it again but every time I have to choose a game to play I kind of avoid it. I do hope you will find someone here or otherwise find some nice welcoming people in a Kinship.
  5. I'm an atheïst for sure. I do like to partly believe/hope in certain gods like the Greeks and Romans. But thats just for fun. I also like the way the afterlife is shown in the movie: "what dreams may come" with Robin Williams.
  6. I still hope they will destroy Rome II as it is and start over. I waited so long to finally have a Rome II and they just blew it. The fact that Shogun 2 was so awesome made it even worse. And now they want to bring us an expansion after all the feedback about fix first, expand later. They really lost me after Shogun 2.
  7. Its the haters that are childish with zero toleration. If somebody likes something you don't, you might dislike them at first, but you can't just hate them for that. I myself like Spongebob Squarepants. I think a lot of things on tv or on the internet are mostly for kids, but that doesn't mean you can't like it. I'd rather be happy then to be ashamed of watching something other people think is weird.
  8. The price is good, but the monthly fee should be more around the 5 to 10 dollars.
  9. Great idea, but I can say for sure I won't be around playing it as I've started playing minecraft again so many times i get bored the moment I think about it. I love minecraft, but it gets boring after a while, even with complex mods/packs like Solitary or FeedTheBeast.
  10. Besides from gameplay hackers/cheaters, there always are a lot of statistics hackers. Had to report a lot of players who had a longest headshot higher then 2000m in bf3.
  11. Path of Exile and Lord Of The Rings Online, although I do feel subscription is totally worth it for LOTRO.
  12. So hard to pick 1 1. Dragon Age: Origins + DLC 2. Lord Of The Rings Online 3. Skyrim + oblivion 4. EVE online 5. Fallout 3 + New Vegas Lots more.
  13. Gaming PC in terms of top end seems still way ahead of all the consoles, to me. I did love xbox 360 even after the 2nd also stopped working, but the xbox one just doesn't do it for me. Still excited about the steam machine / steamOS.
  14. For me it is the story behind the broodmother and also Shale with her birds XD
  15. Warthunder needs us, because without air superiority, how are we going to keep the Angry Army safe.