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Rógaire Dúil

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  1. Im giving this game a try. Ill try to find ya when im online hehe.
  2. Hey gang, Didn't see a post on this so thought I would drop it for those who don't know. There is a new, free mod for Deus Ex (the original game) called Deus Ex: Revision. It updates the graphics by 5 or 6 years, fills out the maps and changes alot of their layout and imo makes it better. Ill let the steam page talk more about the mods other changes. I wanted to drop it by for other folks, who like me, love this game and have been playing it off and on since its release in 2000. Or for those who might be curious and never got to play it. Game is pretty cheap, you can also wait for a steam sale and pick it up for like 2 bucks. Some folks do not like the map changes but I am enjoying the mod and for free, can't complain. You can find the mod on steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/397550/ For those who have been playing it, what are your thoughts?
  3. This is sorta down the same line of thinking. The game came out but was then canceled later. Tabula Rasa. The game was lots of fun and had ton of potential. However it started to flounder due to content issues coming out on time. Eventually the game was shut down. It was a pretty unique and fun concept and the world and lore you could tell were lovingly crafted and really facsinating. Imo it is the saddest.
  4. I'm jelly...not gonna lie lol. Still waiting for mine...if I get it..
  5. mine is Rogue-Helix. its what i've been using for a while in BF series BF2, BFBC2, BF3..etc so there ya go and since I can't change it thats the name you will find me with!
  6. Hello all, New guy here just thought I would jump in and say hi and introduce myself. I'm an old fart gamer. I remember when NES was new! Hehe. Been a fan of Angery Joe's for since i saw his Star Wars Kinect review (man that makes me laugh so hard,not just the game hehe). Saw his video's starting his army so thought I would join. I'm a true blue PC gamer elitest...j/k...sorta... . I do own some consoles but don't play them much heh. You'll see me in DOTA 2 and hopfully soon BF4 and whatever else I can get my hands on and have time to play . Hope to see you all around! *Salute* Rógiare Dúil