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  1. Sure thing ye, what ever that means? DP69?
  2. A name-snipe is like where you make up a selected username which is rare and should be very short, A few exmaples would be, -Porn -Sex -Bacon -Bob -Robot -President -Executive -Judge -Angryman or something bruhski?! And on and on sir. D:?
  3. Yep, ye your right on that track man!
  4. What did I ever do you guys?! Sure my country almost nearly nuked both superpowers of da world though sir.
  5. God damn, why is it so expensive to live in England man?!
  6. "I'm very smart, But I just like to act stupid sometimes."
  7. I didn't it was possible man!
  8. I accidentally changed my username to "Fuck!" when I thought that wouldn't be allowed man...I guess it was, OH WELL THEN! Name-sniped it bishes!
  9. Actually, the reason why I made this forum topic post is because I needed help on my friggin' Reserach question paper, But I did finish up the poster for the project too, so yeah... But hey guys P.S? But um erm I'm a highly very well educated man myself, My first Quarter I had four A's, and two B's. For my currently High school year yeye!
  10. This is quite scary too to do man, we're doing a reserach assigment project on Photosyntehsis and Ceullular Respiration.
  11. We're using MacBook Laptops, Jelly?
  12. I am typing this topic forum post as we are first to do our reserach paper since it's the last day to do it. I'm so Sam Fisher on this shet.
  13. Please vote for the 50s option, this really will matter to me okay guys and gals sir and m'ams eh? http://strawpoll.me/1162360/r