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Everything posted by Fuck!

  1. Today is the day I shall make the first Forum Simulator! Objective? Relativity simple..post random stuff, and then after the event is done we'll look back at the post and laugh at the Simulation we've went through if we did! Starting now!
  2. Greetings Peeps! I think there should be awards or badges added to this website, or like achievements yah know? for example! The Loyalist - Log in at least once every day for 2 weeks The Patriot - Log in at least once every day for a month. Newcomer - 10 page views Regular - 50 page views Average Joe Unit - 100 page views The Known Soldier - 250 page views The Rising Unit - 750 page views Legendary - 2000 page views Contributor - Create 10 topics with atleast a total of 10 likes Forumator - Create 25 topics with at least 5 posts on each of them Forumator II - Create 50 topics with at least 5 posts on each of them Forumator III - Create 100 topics with at least 5 posts on each of them TOPIC WITH THE BADASS SEAL OF APPROVAL - Create a topic, which gets 150 posts Lottery-Larry - Attend 1 raffle This time's going to be mine! - Attend 5 raffles High hopes - Attend 25 raffles. The Out Goer - Attended your first Calender Event Average Report Card - Have a 5 positive rating on your account True man - Became a member for the first time Deputy Joe - Report Legit Rule breaker's to a Moderator or Administrator Past Post - Make 50 posts on any forum topic These are some examples of my great future plan I wish to see, This can help get the community active and make people recongized more, because it's a little fun activity to do so that people have something else to do besides do forum stuff! Please vote, thanks! Shoot me a PM (Not Literally) for any questions or concerns or hate mail. LATES! Credit for iRocket for making and editing these Badges here!
  3. Many people say that 2013, was the worst year for games to come out and such; and a horrible year due to titles like Star Trek Trexel, Ride to Hell Retribution, Garry's Incident: Day one. And many more games including Battlefied 4. Do you guys think that this was a bad year for gaming? Because I know GTA 5 and the Last of Us came out, but we mean the year with the WORST GAMES! Soo...? Vote?
  4. I am typing this topic forum post as we are first to do our reserach paper since it's the last day to do it. I'm so Sam Fisher on this shet.
  5. I accidentally changed my username to "Fuck!" when I thought that wouldn't be allowed man...I guess it was, OH WELL THEN! Name-sniped it bishes!
  6. Sure thing ye, what ever that means? DP69?
  7. A name-snipe is like where you make up a selected username which is rare and should be very short, A few exmaples would be, -Porn -Sex -Bacon -Bob -Robot -President -Executive -Judge -Angryman or something bruhski?! And on and on sir. D:?
  8. Yep, ye your right on that track man!
  9. What did I ever do you guys?! Sure my country almost nearly nuked both superpowers of da world though sir.
  10. God damn, why is it so expensive to live in England man?!
  11. "I'm very smart, But I just like to act stupid sometimes."
  12. I didn't it was possible man!
  13. Actually, the reason why I made this forum topic post is because I needed help on my friggin' Reserach question paper, But I did finish up the poster for the project too, so yeah... But hey guys P.S? But um erm I'm a highly very well educated man myself, My first Quarter I had four A's, and two B's. For my currently High school year yeye!
  14. This is quite scary too to do man, we're doing a reserach assigment project on Photosyntehsis and Ceullular Respiration.
  15. We're using MacBook Laptops, Jelly?
  16. Please vote for the 50s option, this really will matter to me okay guys and gals sir and m'ams eh? http://strawpoll.me/1162360/r
  17. Hey guys and gals I need help creating short letter/character usernames, Such as C8K or Vod or something like that or anything guys! I'm trying to get 3 to 5 letter usernames, Thank you!
  19. No, it's needs to be formal and like legit you know?
  20. God damnit, we need moar, moar!
  21. Because, it makes Russian more famous and people more jelly at me from School, and I'm being serious too man!
  22. My Reaction to this, From a Russian,
  23. *SPOILERS FOR DEAD RISING 3! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!* So just yesterday I've been my first run and save my Dead Rising 3 with the S ending which is the perfect success ending. But in the end with the S ending which is the correct story ending Nick as the cure himself for the zambies virus (Queen Bees D:) managed to cure the world and also saved some well, nearly all people that were important to the story that he has met lives and...You know what let's get straight to it! So yes Nick cured the Queen Bee Zombie Virus ye, but it is possible for another Dead Rising, also known as Dead Rising 4 possibly? I don't know but during the level or time when you have access to the Los Peridos Museum level/building one of the exhibits says "Oh there is this thing in our solar system that is quite infectious and is coming towards our Earth and shizle possibly!" Meaning that there is a new possible Dead Rising 4, you can also check out the Credit Bonus Ending for like more proof or evidence I guess for another Dead Rising game eh? Just saying that's all!