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  1. Thank you, Koopa :3 Hopefully, we'll be able to warn you about possible issues before you get your PS4. I was expecting that to some degree. Most Laptops have overheating issues, it's the main problem with trying to fit everything a gaming system/computer needs in a small, compact frame. Hopefully, it won't as bad as the 360's issue but if the overheating works like a laptop's overheating(Shutting the system off completely when the internal temperature reaches a certain level), it could be problematic for games that do not autosave or games that were autosaving when the PS4 shut off. We'll just have to see what happens. I'm expecting bugs and interface issues at lauch as well as server problems with everyone trying to get online at one time. Developers have a tendency to undershoot the number of multiplayer servers needed for their games...Often -_-' I'm hoping the overheating issue was either fixed before the retail version was packed up and shipped or is so minimal that it's not worth getting our dander up. Otherwise, I hope they can be returned for a refund or a better version of the system unlike how Microsoft handle their 360 problems in the beginning. Albeit, they got better as the complaints piled up. Either way, it will hopefully not be too bad and ruin the experience for us.
  2. I'm very interested in Super Motherload. I played the original back when I had a Windows XP pc and loved it. I honestly can't wait for it.
  3. Thanks all! We've got a good group going here :3 I dunno what games I'm getting yet but I'm definitely buying PSN plus in December and getting a few digital download games.
  4. That's cool, you can post your experiences then
  5. Just posting this so that the few of us that are getting a PS4 on launch day can review it on this thread to share any issues or experiences we have. All console releases have small issues but this thread is to prevent people from buying something akin to the first Xbox 360s. I am getting my PS4 at launch and will be posting my experiences here. I currently do not have a PSN account since I switched from Xbox to Playstation. I also do not have an Xbox Live account since I sold my 360 to buy the PS4. Hope to see a lot of responses from the Angry Army.