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  1. Bravo, if you're talking to me with the compensator question, no it doesn't. TR guns pull up and to the right with some horizontal shaking. I can compensate for up and to the right by pulling against it with my mouse, and I use the forward grip for the shaking. In fact, I sometimes feel the T1S give me less accuracy than the T1, because I like to equip underbarrel attachments instead of the forward grip. With Softpoint ammo, the T1S gives you better TTK than the T1 between 10 and 15 meters. Inside of 10 meters, the underbarrel shotgun will obliterate targets. I don't even use a barrel attachment with that kit, because the compensator hurts my hip fire, the suppressor hurts my max damage range by bringing it down to about 12 meters before damage dropoff, and the flash suppressor is just bad. Used like that, the T1S is a roflstomper in close quarters, but a smart Armistice guy can always do better because he has a silencer that lets him get away with anally inserting his weapon into his victims.
  2. In my personal opinion, there is no reason but auraxium hunting to use any assault rifle but the default T1 Cycler. If you want long range accuracy and a support role, grab the AMR-66. If you want a close quarters powerhouse, the Armistice SMG has you covered unless a shotgun is more your speed. The T1 is versatile, powerful, and effective.
  3. https://www.planetside2.com/ps2onps4

    No more lectures, just casual gameplay and fun.
  5. I'm training officer Jyk7, and I approve this message.
  6. I do approve of the level of decentralization the "talk show host" format allowed. I didn't have to say much, but I do hope I demonstrated which questions are useful and which are not. If Infantry win, I'll be sure to cover a specific class and to ask specialists I know to attend and contribute. Same with vehicles.

    Tactics and Leadership, Test Server. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/22690-traning-tuesday-of-the-16th-of-september/
  8. I kinda goofed, I'm not supposed to be doing Air. I'm supposed to refer you to Flying Fridays for that. It will be a recurring event so show up next time! Last time, the overwhelming consensus was that we should do Tactics. Therefore, we will go to the Test Server. This server has very low population, normally. There's an average of 5 people across the entire server, all four continents, at any given time. This means we can do pretty much whatever we want. The Test Server is available here. The link will begin downloading when you click it. It will get you the launcher, which will look a lot like the normal launcher. That launcher will begin updating your game, which will take about as long as the first download of Planetside did. HAVE THE GAME FULLY UPDATED BEFORE THE 16TH OR YOU WILL BE LEFT OUT. The operation will begin at 6pm CST. If you wish to be a squad leader, show up about 30 minutes early. If you're a European who wants a more local time, step up and volunteer to lead. I suppose that this particular session requires a bit more explaining than the others. In previous Training Tuesdays, the format has been somewhere between lecture, demonstration, and free practice. Yesterday we even did a talk show, where I asked two knowledgeable players questions, and they did most of the talking on aircraft, a topic which I am only qualified in as far as shooting them down. This time, you will be both student and teacher. We will be breaking our group down into groups of three, perhaps four. Every group will have a squad leader, and two or three guys for that leader to command. Each squad will be ordered to a base, at which another AJSA squad from another faction may attack or defend from your attack. You will be given about fifteen minutes to fight, which should be more than enough time to get bored of that particular fight. After each fight, we'll move the combatants from both sides into the same TS channel. You will be given five minutes to discuss the fight. As you discuss, I and any helpers I may have will be working on getting you guys a new base with new opponents. This part is for all participants. I strongly advise you to get your test server profile on as soon as possible, and then play on it to the best of your ability. Every character on the Test Server is awarded 100,000 certs on creation. You probably won't want to be allocating those certs on Tuesday. Getting the correct Implants, in particular, may take a while. Further, and Squad Leaders take note, You must reach BR 10 before you are allowed to purchase a Spawn Beacon. Therefore, I would suggest grinding up the level required before the event. You may even coordinate with a few others to set up controlled combat where you can all grind experience. You will be at a disadvantage against a squad who does have a beacon if you do not have yours. As a further incentive to get on the test server before Tuesday, all cosmetic items are available for the cost of 1 cert on the test server. Seeing as you will have 100,000 certs to play with, you'll probably have more than enough to fully customize your soldier and vehicles. To explain what I mean by being both teacher and student. Soldiers will be teaching their squad leaders mainly through their gameplay. Leaders will be encouraged to observe and analyse before requesting a change. Squad members may even have a chance to explain the reasoning behind their class and playstyle decisions to their leaders. Members will also need to learn how to be significant when every man counts. In a squad of three, the weakest link will be readily apparent. The weakest link will not be singled out for abuse, but instead for additional attention and care. The primary benefit this will have for members is that the weakest one will be readily apparent, and everyone else in the squad will notice and try to help. If by the end of the training, any leader feels that a squad member is simply not up to par, the leader may refer that squaddie to me, Jyk7, and I will be more than happy to do remedial training with that player and anyone else who happens to be referred. That training will probably occur on the Thursday or Saturday following the training. Referrals are not a mark of shame, but of potential. Your squad leader thinks a referred player can improve, or he wouldn't take the extra time to refer. Squad leaders will need to learn primarily by observation. If you really want a medic/engineer/MAX setup, but one player would really prefer light assault, perhaps you can allow light assault focused play for one fight, with that player taking a leading role. There is value in specialization and in generalization in squad tactics. After all, your MAX support setup is probably better in direct fights, but you may find that a lighter, more mobile setup is constantly able to pick off your medic and engineer. Squad leaders will also be expected to explain in great detail what they plan. I have found that persuading someone to do what I would like results in more commitment and effort than simply ordering without explanation. Note, some of you are going to get wrecked. I've already taken into account that certain squad leaders will be much more effective than others, and I will take steps to handicap them. In fact, if any one squad wins two fights in a row in a convincing manner, I may put that squad up against two squads. One final thing, This operation will be primarily focused on infantry gameplay. We shall do some work with vehicles next time. Thank you for reading, I hope it isn't too rambley.
  9. Unpinning, as this is a past event.
  10. Unpinning, as this is a past event.
  11. Unpinning because the event already happened.


    We're gonna do Medics and Engineers this time around. We'll talk in depth about strategies and weapons for these two classes. I expect it'll take about an hour to do both of them. At the end, we're going to demonstrate exactly how powerful Medics and Engineers can be when they're working together.

    We will be maxing our MAXes to the max! Bonus points if your name is actually Max.
  15. This is Wrel's video specifically about how to be a good noob in Planetside. I thought about you guys =)