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    Patroling Gotham City is all I can do at the moment.
  1. After Microsoft just screwed me out of 100 bucks and 5 yrs of loyalty. I am giving Microsoft the big FU and I am getting a PS4. I never had any of the trouble with PSN that I have had with LIVE. Bye bye microsoft.
  2. Who in this community would vote YES on this Poll? Lmao.
  3. Video games do not cause them, Bad parenting and horrible education system cause them.
  4. A new Call of Duty game every year.........seriously.
  5. Every Socom game after 3 was horrible.
  6. Hi, Im Josh I currently only have a Xbox 360 with a few games like Batman(Origins) Black ops 2, AC4, GTA5 I just wanted to post and introduce myself. I currently cant play online due to a stupid error code on my account. Im trying to fix it but Istarting to fear that my profile and gamerscore are lost for good now. The last thing I want to do is start all over....again. So, just throwing this out there anybody ever encounter the following error codes ERROR:831188FE ERROR:80151012 and even while following the suggested steps at xbox.com/support still couldnt fix them please tell me how you did eventually correct them. Or if you ever did. Thanks and I look forward to helping the Army grow!