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  1. yeah I know that is why I said on the topic I understand that people wanted to play alone switch is ok everybody can do that
  2. I've being seeing a lot of AJSA members playing the same games that the ajsa teamspeak channels has to offer but they don't come on to the teamspeak channels to play with other members. I mean I can understand if people wanted to play alone and also got a jobs to do in there life and stuff like that it completely fine but the annoying part is seeing members playing the games that the AJSA teamspeak channel has for people to hangout have fun.
  3. and the gmt time for this event is 8pm
  4. well shoot I miss it XP
  5. This game would be great for the ajsa because of it strategy, teamwork and fun of course and I can't believe you said the mech is an exo suit XD
  6. oh god this video I forgot to tell everybody about this on the teamspeak chat when I was watching this video. oh well it still funny to watch every time XD but what an idiot for doing a live stream of himself logging in GTA 5 on PC when his steam key code was showing up on youtube live stream, it just pop up like 35 min ago before he realises that he can't log in on GTA 5 because someone took his steam key code for the game. who forget there steam key code and why hasn't he turn off the overly on GTA 5?
  7. doing a livestream for starcraft 2 here the link to my channel: http://www.twitch.tv/robzgamez I hope you guys enjoy the livestream it not working I'm sorry guys
  8. cool i'll be there doing the livestream for this event. I can't make it to the other one because in 11pm I go to sleep so yeah. that mean i'll be in incurgency only so I'm sorry see you guys in the battlefield
  9. this should be fun
  10. i'll join in guys
  11. cool i'll be coming to this event
  12. until

    i'll try to join
  13. I would like to join this game in game name: FlaccidCrab teamspeak: Robz Gamez
  14. I want to join in as a medic, soldier and demoman
  15. welcome to the Army man