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  1. Pay to Win and Pay for Convinience are two totally differnt things.. most of us who spend 10 hours + at work then dealing with family etc appreciate being able to put a little cash at a premium account to shorten it a little.. since we get maby 1/10th of the time others do . But simply put, this game is about knowledge and skill. one without the other will only get you so far, both will let you dominate even the most "overpowered" of vehicles..you just need to know how to kill em. Everything has a counter. no exceptions.
  2. Mine has worn down quite badly since UK release.. and considering i mainly use my pc it is a little worrying for the hardcore console guys out there Looks like 6 months of wear not 3 weeks
  3. Lets keep it civil lads.. - true they got breached to a degree but they have homeland security and international security experts working there now.. im sure loopholes will be fixed.
  4. Great response so far - nice to see were wanting to group ^^
  5. very true it is displayed but im not going to stalk everyones profile to get their name on PSN if theres a list or something then its a lot easier to see and use
  6. Some human are worse then animals.. and then some are worse then that .. then theres guys like this that just .. i cant even comprehend what that guy is..or how he thought that a human life is worth £350.. . Whats happening ... everyones gone batshit..
  7. The PlayStation 4 PSN ID List is to form a collection of PSN IDs within our community, creating a focus list rather than scattering ourselves among several other threads looking for friends. So if you're happy to share your PSN ID and being added by other AJSA members, reply to this post. Not only can you find new friends, but you also can take part in our community in other ways like the AJSA Rooms or AJSA Community feature. When adding someone from the list on PSN simply add the message AJSA in the Friend Request, so people know who you are. Things To Post Along Your PSN ID (optional) Games that you’re playing currently. Games that you’re looking forward to playing. Whether you’re a PS4, PS Vita, and/or PS3 owner (Remember this a PlayStation 4 & Vita Subforum). Whether you wish to join the AJSA Rooms (learn more below). Whether you wish to join the AJSA Community feature (learn more below). Lastly, without this community continuing to grow, respecting one another, and always having someone to play with, we wouldn’t have accomplished what we have already. Without you guys, none of this couldn’t be possible. Thank you, all of you.
  8. seems quite good.. basically the pc version but like all games intended for co op, not much alone but it looks really good and runs flawless 60 fps.. unlike certain EA titles .. a F2P game beats em on optimisation..
  9. Im sure theres no intention to make it seem unfair but it does give that impression. not everyone understands were a comunity rather then a clan.
  10. we seem to be gathering quite the army.. im in too
  11. I also login after a hard days work and see that i have no friends who own ps4s as ive been a pc gamer since.. forever. Lets all be lonely together.. or something xD
  12. First off, i understand having a squad of guys all grouped up but not 15 AJSA all on ts vs 2 AJSA and 10 randoms. plus ive seen quite a lot of team switching around.. and then people leave the team getting smashed making it even worse for those on the recieving end.. and its not fun for the winning team since theres no challenge at all. Also the reason i made this post is i have about 5 - 10 guys i know who we regularly play bf together and other things, within 30 minutes theyd had enough and blackmarked the server so they didnt end up on it again. We were top on the other team and doing well, but it wasnt a fun experience then they see that its a MASSIVE clanstack they just think " yeah no point coming back here to get stacked against" and pinned in our spawn by 5+ vehicles on each side of our base spawn unable to move or even destroy them with a synced up rocket squad due to engineers working as a team with the vehicle pilots. I just dont think its good for the server or the image of the angry army. im not saying nobody can play with eachother.. but atleast spread out a bit fairer. I mean, who doesnt wanna stab their best friends in the throat? Just me? ah well
  13. i havnt used a console since ps2 days.. welcome to having no friends =P .. on ps4
  14. Every time ive been on the EU server when a significant amount of people are online, almost everyone in the AJSA decides to stack on the same team rather then giving a fair split to the other team, think about how it looks to the average guy on the server. "join server" oh look theres 15 guys with the same tags on the other team.. and two on ours.. /rage rage obviously the heavy stack team wins cause of teamspeak and the ability for teamwork that comes with it. This isnt meant to be a QQ post or anything just a quick "think about how it makes us look like prats" i was under the impression the angry army liked a good bit of fair play.
  15. Soo Hey there, as the title says ive decided to come and see what the community is all about here. Been a silent viewer / angry army member for a while. With BF4 and the new gen of consoles i figured itd be cool to see if i could find some awesome peeps to shoot in the face.. or whatever else the game may involve. Origin id - Kashzor Steam ID - authuxen PSN - Kashzor ive not played console since PS2 so ive a bit of catching up to do on the whole console friends thing xD. Mostly playing league of legends and BF4 atm, but sp[end most of my time working a boring job and just like to come home n chill with some awesome games n awesome people. sooo .. hey ^^ PS: whats the EU side of the comunity like here? is there many of us?