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  1. Just to give everone a heads up, all the rust servers are currently getting Ddosed by an unknown assailant.. x.x there's more info here. http://playrust.com/ Wish people would stop being dicks like that...
  2. Would love to join in on the mischief and taking over Los santos~ :3 PSN Kirallia same with the social club thingy. annnd Character is just Kira
  3. There are so many to choose from.. so I'll just pick one of my favourite ones recently. Arche from Fortune summoners. :3 Because tiny bladewielding death.
  4. 16/11/2013 I have a couple of old games if anyone would like to try them~ let's see... =========================== Half Life 2 + Lost coast - Taken Half Life 2: Episode One - Taken Dead horde - Taken Frozen Synapse - Taken The Ship - Taken ================== mmmh~ well~ that's all my games gone~ i'll update this post in the future or just make a new one if i happen across any extra keys or gifts on steam.
  5. mmmh.. Nvidia GTX 780 or a titan would be a good choice.. atleast.. that's the sort of hardware I want to save up for, v.v Sadly only have A Radeon HD 7670M in my laptop.. I'd likely have to buy an entirely new rig just to get one of those video cards working >.>;; but sadly I have no idea what motherboards, or cpus and such would be decent.. x.x as I can't afford such things myself.. bleh.. either way, goodluck with making yourself a decent compy~ :3 I hope my video card suggestion is atleast helpful.
  6. Skull girls would have to be my pick..Though Mortal kombat is a close second. :3 there are some wonderful fighters I just havn't played yet. x.x
  7. Personally?.. I loved the voice of Snake from the metal gear Solid series.. mmmh, though there's some awesome voice acting from Patrick Stuart in everything he does.. annnnd~ I'd have to say the voice acting of both Wheatly and Gladdos from the portal series has been beautiful.. mh! we've had alot of great voice actors in gaming over the years.. heck.. Look at the Great almighty Pooh. :3
  8. I play on North American server Username: Kirachan
  9. mmmh... I managed to get up to where you just set your new captain in his new ship and beat off some pirates.. >.< sadly my computer barely runs it, my fps drops to a ridiculously slow amount... and things kinda look worse than the pictures suggest... atleast on this crappy laptop.. v.v... Ah'well I'll keep trying to push through with this framerate.. >.> if i can play LoL with 800+ ping (atleast when i started playing it, it was that high.. back when my internet was terrible) I can handle bad frame rate. Edit: Delrith just posted right as i was typing mine up... Ugh dang it... well my compy still sucks. <.<;;
  10. well.. last time I checked the ammount they've raised for the game is what?.. 25 million US Dollars? The vision behind it is also the fellow who was behind things like wing commander and Freelancer? I think so anyway.. Either way it's looking great~ and I love the idea of a near-hardcore difficulty to the whole thing with the death system. :3
  11. Once I build up my ship to be worthy of battle, I shall be one of the frontline scouts assessing the battle strength of our enemy~ there will be nowhere they can hide from us, and we should wipe them from our stars if it's the last thing we do!
  12. Looking forward to the semi hardcore experience, of people actually having to risk to get the great rewards.. and if you screw up, it can cost you your character's life~ :3 Buuut.. still reeeally awesome, Gonna be an exploratory scout on long missions in the outer rims with one character.. and another will be a badass dread pirate who takes prisoners only for her own personal gain. :3 but otherwise kills them. <.< mmmh.. so much opportunity for Roleplay within that universe too~ hnn.. sorry.. really looking forward to it. XD
  13. Scout Kira Jessop Reporting for duty with my Aurora class exploration vessel! *salutes* Atleast~ that'll be my first character~ :3
  14. Hiya everyone~ I'm Kira, or Kirallia I've been a gamer since I was a kid playing things like Commander Keen and the Hive. :3 always been a fan of Joe's for the longest time annnnd~ Finally got around to signing onto the steam group, then here~ Hope to meet some new people and perhaps play some games~ See you all about! -Kira