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  1. It seems like it continues from the first one as in the trailer it calls out Red Team and the wounded spartan is Douglas (the spartan team in Halo wars 1), whats also interesting is that I can see it having mouse and keyboard support on console given that MS said they are doing it for the PC to X1 streaming. My issues with Halo wars 1 were lack of gameplay depth and poorly designed maps as they were too small and caused frequent jams. I Made some hilarious tactics like having your team build a combined army of 150 ghost and then telling them to ram the enemy base.
  2. Just to clarify a few things, any Nintendo investor could get a full refund at anytime although from the good sales they will actually receive a profit on their investment. Main issue was the CPU, the physics engine is very demanding and has to render a lot of cars on circuit, it takes up 3 of the available 6 cores on the X1 and PS4, WiiU only has 3 and is under-clocked so everything was CPU bound, there was discussion of changing the physics model to a modified version of the old NFS Shift 2 but it defeated the purpose of making the WiiU version in the first place as it would be a different game to the rest of them.
  3. DB is anything but pay to win, unless you're really annoyed about the phantom update (guys getting nurfed), got my favorite perks and weapons on my classes (Proxy and Sparks), haven't spent a penny but do I want to support this title.
  4. I've been playing Perfect Dark and Mass Effect for the last 4 hours, no issues. You put the game in the disk drive and you download the game, downloadable games will be in the ready to download list.
  5. With more time and data to develop them they have
  6. Crack Down, Scalebound, Quantum Break and more Windows 10 features will be shown at gamescon.
  7. Leaked via Xbox Japan and from reading it it featured many typos and was badly translated. Article has now been removed. Breathtaking graphics at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. Wet weather, 3D puddles, and night racing test your driving skills. Cutting-edge ForzaTech™ engine powers the unrelenting action and stat-of-the-art-physics at simulation speed. Ultimate car fantasy The most cars of any racing game this generation. More than 450 cars all immaculately recreated and customizable, and complete with working cockpits and full damage. Tour 26 world-famous locales including Daytona, Rio, and more.. Never race alone Home of the greatest racing, tuning and painting community in gaming. 2-player split-screen racing, 24-player races, and realistic Drivatar opponents deliver packed tracks and unrivaled action. More info at E3
  8. Banned testers for leaking content, accounts and suspected accounts present on their Xbox One kits have been banned with a temporarily blocked all of their Xbox One privileges, still usable offline. Another topic on the internet filled with a load of misinformation and drivel.
  9. No space battles, 40 player matches you can also play split screen
  10. There is also the issue of the PC version apparently being quite broken, after reading the Steam reviews there are a lot of dissatisfied people
  11. You missed the other trailer Doshka Maybe multiple ending and branching paths Who the hell is the good guy anymore?!
  12. I'm a TT fan, follow Guy Martin, but I prefer 4 wheels the BTCC is my favorite series. Have you tried Ride,? A demo for it is available on Steam, its like Forza with bikes
  13. New customization options and ranking system are included in the update
  14. Basically sounds like how it works for Killer Instinct From Kotaku http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2015/02/26/fable-legends-indeed-free-play-bad-thing