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  1. Thank you all for your posts and/or replies. Please help us spread the word.
  2. Why is that?
  3. No, they had rights to the Star Trek IP...they do not anymore. Saying that they own a name is the same as someone saying you cant use you're name because someone else uses it. What you can't is use the Same name. Please do not reply with negative feedback unless you have at least thoroughly viewed the indiegogo page, thank you.
  4. Do you consider yourself Trekkie and love games? Do you remember the classic Star Trek games Elite Force and Bridge Commander? Everyone that played the original Bridge Commander remembers how great it was in fulfilling a Trekkie's fantasy of commanding a starship from the captain's chair while being able to wage space battles with your friends online. Fans of Elite Force loved having that intense first person action set in the Star Trek universe. Now imagine if these two games were merged and think about what that would mean: Walking around a planet on an away mission then flying a shuttle or beaming back to the ship, walking to the bridge and setting a course to the nearest starbase. Travel where you want to go. Respond to distress calls without linear gameplay. This will be a sandbox Star trek experience that you want to have. Make your mark on the universe and the powers within, gain reputation as a feared or respected captain...Be what you want to be! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/star-trek-bridge-commander-2#/story https://www.facebook.com/stbc2
  5. It will make it...it has been around for far longer...the kickstarter was just to make it faster...and deliver it to the fans faster. I sent private messages to joe...and all the council in the AJSA...never got a Reply....with joe's support I know we could make this happen. Spread the word....try messaging Joe Like I did...help me with this Besides your a game officer....I need to go back to the AJSA Teamspeak
  6. No trekkies on these forums?
  7. Just noticed I had the wrong Link for the campaign! Woops.....fixed!!
  8. Pump. Come on people...we need to make this happen, even if you dont want to pledge...spread the word! Star trek Bridge commander 2 needs our help!!!
  9. The Founding opportunity is back, help make BC2 a reality, help shape a real Star trek game that we have been waitting for for a long time. Be a founding "father" for a trek experience that rivals no other out there...be what you want to be... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bc2/bridge-commander-2-campaign-relaunch Don't forget to share and let your friends know! Thank you for your time... I hope I will see you out there,Archer out....
  10. Hello fellow STO players and wannabe STO players...I started a thread about this verry subject, the creation of an AJSA Fleet in STO, I already have a very well estabileshed fleet in the game...since launch day. Read it here : http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/10047-star-trek-online-ajsa-fleet/#entry110494
  11. Hi there, being an AJ follower for ages... I am very excited about the AJSA, even more being part of it. But anyway, on to the topic. I have a very established Fleet in STO...since day one and, Tier 4 star base,Tier 2 Mine and embassy. So I would like to offer my fleet to become the official AJSA fleet in STO. Of course I seek permition to actually do it...and seek approval for this endevour so that we can have a strong presence for the AJ fans in STO. So, what remains to be said is this, who would like to join, do you aprove my idea? Hate it? Who do I talk to, to get this done...? Live long...and I'll see you out there!
  12. But thats what I was saying...its just a mod....that basicly added more ships for multiplayer and new effects on single player campaign...although in some cases it would ruin the experience because the ships were soooo imbalanced. BC2 Is a sequel to a game that diserved it for a longtime for being maybe the best Star Trek experience ever....and expanding more of it...
  13. If your talking about the Kobayashi Maru mod for Bridge Commander or any other Bridge commander...I would say you are right...but keep in mind, this is to be a sequel to Brisge commander...hence the name...Bridge Commander 2. Of course it has to have similarities with the former BC, but trust me the similarities end there...game wise, graphic wise...is much better.
  14. Firefly...The UGLIEST ship in SCI FI history!