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  1. Hi AJSA, in the latest episode of Dice Hard I take a look at the Netrunner Core Set and chat about if it works as a stand alone product.
  2. Hi guys, I take a look at Phantom Leader in my latest Dice Hard episode:
  3. Hi AJSA! Here's a video I made as part of a job application - I review three board games in 60 seconds. Unfortunately I didn't get the job, but didn't want to waste the video so hopefully it'll make one or two of you laugh
  4. Heh, thanks. Yeah it's a beautiful game, really impressive. Glad you liked it
  5. That's a shame, is there not a games store or cafe that does game nights near you? Good thing about it being co-op is that you can play it solo with very little tinkering, although you lose out on the betrayer mechanic. If all else fails you can hop on a plane to Manchester and you can play with us
  6. Hi everyone, here's my latest Dice Hard video. This one is a little different, I'm comparing two big name co-operative games. This video also gets a little... weird in the middle. Let me know what you think
  7. Hi AJSA, In the latest episode of Dice Hard I take a look at Lords of Waterdeep: Any of you peeps played this one? What do you think?
  8. Hi peeps! Hope you're all having an awesome summer so far Here is a new type of video from me, teaching you how to play the excellent Blueprints from Z-Man Games. I've choses a relatively simple game to hone the format for this type of video, any feedback you guys could give me would be much appreciated
  9. Hi everyone, On this week's Dice Hard I take a look at Spartacus, a bastard simulator in ancient Rome. Enjoy! Any of you guys played this or a fan of the TV show? Whaddaya think?
  10. Hi AJSA! This week, with the new season of the TV show just around the corner, I take a look at A Game of Thrones from Fantasy Flight Games.
  11. Hi AJSA! In the latest installment of Dice Hard I take a look at the sumptuous seafaring sandbox game Merchants & Marauders. Time to shiver some timbers!
  12. Hello ladies and gents, Dice Hard returns with a look at the epic space strategy madness that is Twilight Imperium: Any of you chaps played this?
  13. Hi AJSA, Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday! I've put a decent amount of time in to The Division, and would like to share my First Impressions vid with you fine people. Given the nature of the game I'll look to making a more detailed, and in depth analysis of the game once I've put more time in to it. Hope you enjoy
  14. Hi AJSA, Part three of my XCOM 2 Diaries is now up:
  15. Hahaha, it was the 80s. Action films didn't need reasons! Hilarious though, I wonder how many people questioned John Carpenter on that one. I agree though, he should have been called Wind it would have made more sense. Still it's a great movie, it's very much of its time, but definitely one of my favourites