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  1. What about GW2, its a great mmo with no monthly fee.
  2. Just joined on both my characters, cya all in game! ;D
  3. If it means playing with fellow Joe fans im willing to do all that is neccesary including inviting other players to the army. I`ll be back on GW2 in a day or two as im soon to be boarding a plane home back from vacaction.
  4. I am a active GW2 player, my main is a lvl 51 human warrior named Fletwerd and my alt is a lvl 24 sylvari mesmer named Wynn Lloyd. I`ve been a fan of joe for a while now and have never been in one of his guilds and this game is my favorite MMO of all time and belive me i love MMO`s. Im on northern shiverpeaks and would love a invite for both characters.