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  1. dilabo 3 ultimate evil edition/destiny and plantside 2 is what im getting for the rest of the year the other main games im not touching though. Way to many rused or mainstream crap out there and pvp is 90% shit so many modders/exploters and badly made mp maps/player handleing.
  2. Juat found this can no longer join the clan or load the page why didn't joe mention this on his video? in any case ill join when the site is back up sense i am a ex alpha member aswell. i still have a video up showing the public shopping section on my lkl34 account errr were is july 17th and my beta.
  3. Not to double post but if you link your accounts together watchout for ghost mode and server mail overload if you text on your ps4 for days then log into your ps3 you may see over 70 new pm's and then go onto your ps vita the same will happen.
  4. Wrong each system can send text messages but each system also has special stuff that can only be sent system to system. You cant send a image from a ps3 to a ps4 nor can a ps3 send a image to a ps4 same with vita and the voice message is also limited to ps4. Also the ps2 eyetoy works in the ps4 i used mine yesterday.
  5. ahh the whole psn is hacked!!!!! its over yet every single online site even nvidia/steam/master card has been hacked in the last year. Also 2006-2009 sony had 0 hack's against psn not until that psn store hack in 2009 and after that it was 2011 with the geohot crap now they are having issues because of dam devkits out there. Microsoft had jtag shit sense 2006 and the other sites out there have been routinely hacked for years.
  6. Kinda like pip(picture in picture) Thats a cool feature i dont own any apple products so ill be using the old school in game maps lol.
  7. Thanks guys for the reply's and like's good thing were spreading this guss you all heard microsoft is saying it will take atleast 14days before they fix/send back your xbox one so this trick should be done first cause who wants to wait 14days?.
  8. as of the 30th 10v10 is barley playable got 5 scrashes today 37 total sense i got it on the 16th but i have 18hrs play time.
  9. on the ps4 hold down the options button and press r1 you get the full map. ps4 and the xbox one are the same as there pc counterparts just no personal servers or ping counters yet.
  10. Yep i was a winamp user its still a good player but vlc is very flexable.
  11. Just a fyi the launch ps3's are weaker than current ones same with psp's sony overtime overclock's there hardware and in case of the psp adds ram. There is already rumors of secret power under the hood of the ps4. As for microsoft well today it was revealed hackers already know how it ticks aswell they got cod off the xbox one hdd its on the www jtag is next. Just wait and see for new versions or the win9 xbox ones. Oh if you have a ps3 grab the last big games like tlou uc3 gta5 beyond to souls fire them up in a launch console you will see they strugle and crash.
  12. QOUTE: We have now rolled out a game update for PS4. With this update, we’ve included a number of fixes that should further decrease the amount of crashes and increase the overall stability of the game. We will continue to increase stability going forward, stay tuned. UPDATE INCLUDES: -Fixed common crashes that could occur when changing weapons or maps -Reduced the probability of a corrupted save file in the single player campaign -Fixed a crash occurring when resuming the single player campaign -Fixed a bug where accessing PlayStation Plus subscription resulted in a connection error -Improved performance when shooting at destroyed Levolution objects ------------------------------------- http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2955065219984044095/last/ Its a huge update that fixes very few things and it looks like the focused on sp more than the huge mp issues.
  13. Hey op just pass this along: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-LE0ycgkBQ Shows the truth in the gaming industry.
  14. Thanks for the video i played bf3 for over 1000 hours i thought next gen would bring deadicated servers but nope same bs and even worse this time around. I know this is a pc forum but i play on the ps4 and dam some servers are ultra laggy on there guss like bf3 we half to wait for those 1.3 gb patch's how fun.
  15. What i use on ps4 is my $20 usb cyber acoustics headset i can tell you on the xmb party chat system i had 0 issues but on bf4 like everyone else i had issues trying to talk i kept cutting out.