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Everything posted by Nya`

  1. Since this forum first started up and the wheels got in motion I haven't seen him on here even a single time from what I can remember and I'm here daily multiple times. I mean maybe to update something for his stream or whatever, but beyond that he's completely uninvolved with this place or topics etc. Does that bother anyone else? I mean he doesn't interact with us here in any capacity, on his own forum for crying out loud. Honestly that's probably a large reason why the forum user base has tanked so much since it came out, there are other issues too but this is a big one, I mean if Joe is not here then what is the point? He hasn't made a post in two months, I'm about to abandon ship as well to be completely honest, everything seems to be falling apart and I'm not just talking about the forums. He's slowly abandoning the entire reason people watch him and what made him popular and focusing on other things which most people just don't care about or want to see... I don't know, it just doesn't feel like this is really a thing anymore. I've seen a lot of community heads do the same thing, albeit they were not in Joe's shoes so to speak, but they strayed from their path, changed their ways, abandoned their community and left everyone to fend for themselves and then it all just vanished. I just see all of this heading that direction more or less.
  2. Yeah, just sweep everything under the rug and let it fade into obscurity... When you don't get the answers you would like to hear or should be getting you should just give up and walk away... That's how you get things done! I can't believe this pacifist ideology, especially in a place like this which is the gaming embodied antonym of that word... Shame, shame, shame... For being an "Angry Army" you guys sure are soft... I'm out of here.
  3. I didn't realize that addressing a valid concern is "bitching and moaning", I'll remember to say that back to you whenever you get concerned about something... I guess any complaint is "bitching and moaning", hell all of Joe's videos must be "bitching and moaning" as well right? Get real dude, don't act like that...
  4. The point is still not being understood, he can't find 10 minutes in a day? Or a week? Make a few posts here or there? Create a topic about something to see how people feel about it? You know, just be a normal guy? I work 50 - 60 hours a week of physical labor and I still have the time and energy to do things like this, I still have the weekends and some time when I'm off work, it's not hard to find time, the above are just excuses for letting a community self moderate while he just goes off and does whatever raking in money. What I'm noticing lately is he's doing just enough, and I mean JUST enough to keep people around and keep his channel financially lucrative without having to do an ungodly amount of work. Streaming is easy, doing gameplay videos is easy, doing preview videos is easy, doing promo videos is easy... He does a review once in a blue moon and I understand the work that takes, but it's so infrequent that the time doesn't justify the lack of real content in between, even with him doing these other things. It seems like he's getting lazy in all reality, he's already established and he's making a lot of money, like I said he only has to do just enough to perpetuate that but in reality for the people that watch and take part in his community, it's annoying. I don't know why you guys defend him so much, it comes off similar to people white knighting, really why do you? I'm not insulting the guy, I just want him to actually be involved in his general community even in a simple capacity. That's not asking for the moon you know, the things listed above are extremely realistic requests. If he dropped this other filler content that he does, did more reviews and actually got involved in the community his channel would grow much larger and much quicker, and this place would be thriving, but he's not and they're not as a result..
  5. Meat that is not even what this is about, he doesn't hop into a discussion he feels for or create a topic about something like we do, he doesn't pop in to say hi, he doesn't do anything here. I'm not trying to have a one on one with the guy, that's not what I'm getting at, he just doesn't get involved with anything concerning this forum.
  6. What? Is this Planetside 2? He can do whatever he wants, and that should include tending to his community...
  7. Some space? He hasn't contributed anything here in two months, that's not space enough? His fans, fans he entirely garnered by doing reviews want more, or they're taking off. He's wasting time on videos that no one wants to watch and everyone is complaining about, wasting resources and time on them when it could be dedicated towards reviews. This isn't hard to figure out, he's pissing off the people that made him "famous" in the first place because he's not listening, he's not listening there and he's just not even here, you just don't do that.... Why do people feel some instinctive need to defend his actions? Why?
  8. Joe is the leader/head of this community and he does not exist in it... There are countless other gaming communities, huge ones, better ones, more organized ones that people can go to etc. That's not why people came here, Joe is the only thing that makes this place different or special, he's the reason I originally joined and almost everyone else no doubt and he's a ghost. "JOIN MY NEW AWESOME FORUM, by the way I'll never be on it." I mean come on...
  9. for the next two weeks!
  10. Every large PC game is compressed...
  11. All of the games in the collection do use dedicated servers, it's a hybrid system though. What that means is if a dedicated server runs into a connection issue it will divert the match to P2P until the connection with the server can be resumed so matches are not interrupted.
  12. It's the same reason games in Australia cost more, economical standing, value of a dollar, cost of living, median household income and minimum wage standing. Your minimum wage takes a hike up to $10.25 an hour on Tuesday almost perfectly coinciding with this price increase.
  13. Egh, Far Cry 3 was fine and this is running a heavily modified version of that engine, I don't see there being a problem.
  14. Agreed, get your friends together and create a server like has always been done, it's not that difficult..
  15. Anyone else getting tired of new games releasing basically exclusively on Tuesday's? Why not Friday's? Do they not realize that people work, are tired when they get home and their only chance to game is on the weekend... Four days later... This is seriously frustrating, Sunset Overdrive just came out and I can't even play it until Friday night...
  16. These would be my top picks as far as exclusives go, these are games you cannot go wrong on and should thoroughly enjoy. Halo: The Master Chief Collection Forza Horizon 2 Sunset Overdrive Forza 5 Killer Instinct
  17. Ghaleon, I am simply speaking in generalities, I thought I made that clear when I said "In general" more times than I would care to count. There are always exceptions to the rule but the rule remains prevalent and intact.
  18. I don't know how that gif is over your head, it's the kill cam for a match winning shot... That should elude to the obvious... Anyways, we can cover our instincts to whatever degree we can muster, however they still remain at the core of our being and in general drive our forward existence. Finding a mate is still the same, a mate finding us is still the same, we all want to have sex, we all want someone to carry on our genetics, women are in general the weaker sex and need to be protected and so on and so forth. I get where you're coming from, I really do, but those things that you're talking about are just filler for our daily lives, they don't negate our instinctual behavior, they simply make it appear more civilized. That's really all there is to it, you can view me as a monster or insensitive, whatever, I don't care. I look at this shit and laugh, it's hilarious to see that people think we're actually above all of this, it's incredible really. Like I said nothing has really changed, it's just prettier so to speak... Yeah you have no argument, good bye.
  19. See your problem is you think we're actually "freed from those instincts", we're surely not, we just try to convince ourselves that we are. The world is still governed the same way it always has been, we just wrap it all up now in nice wrapping paper with a bow on top and act as if it's not the present reality. Yes, people who have a different and more evolutionary sound view of the actual ways of the world are truly idiots. This is an extremely mature conversation, sadly people who don't like hearing about our raw existential existence can't seem to handle it. Keep living in this 21st century dream world where you're convinced that you're beyond the laws of the universe, evolution, instinct, genetics and above all human placement and nature. White knighting illogicality on the internet isn't going to change any of it. P.S. If you're going to call someone an idiot, at least attempt to make a rebuttal.
  20. You bring things like this up and you're going to get the full wrath from both sides, this is why religious and political topics get locked, it's a heated environment and never ends well. Also nobody is saying that girls should not be allowed to play or enjoy games, that's ridiculous. I for instance am simply highlighting how trying to change the female "stereotype" of the hot damsel in distress (not even a stereotype in all reality)IN GAMES is a ridiculous concept given the generality of what female existence actually is.
  21. Things are fine as they are and have always been, this is the type of thinking which opens pandora's box and destroys gaming entirely. I have no problem with women or their rights, but let's be realistic here, they're not men and never will be no matter how much they try. In the real world women are not stronger than men, in the real world women are not as physically capable, in the real world most men view women as a sexual object because frankly it's nature and in evolutionary reality that's what they are... They're there for us to protect and procreate with to further our genetic line, that is the point of life and a female's function in the undeniable reality that is existence. Why do you think women scream and men do not? It's an evolutionary development only found in female humans to alert a male that they're in danger and need to be saved. All of these things going on around us are simply barriers created by humans to separate us from the animals, that of which we still are. Women in general wear dresses, women in general sexual amplify themselves to attract a man, women in general need to be protected by a man, women in general do not enjoy doing the brutish things which men instinctively do because they're not men etc. I'm sick of this insane notion that people keep trying to perpetuate where they attempt to blur the lines and convince everyone that men and women are the same thing, if you actually believe that horse shit you're out of your god damn mind... The only reason women have independence in this world right now is because the world for the most part is a safe place because we have made it that way. If it was still dangerous everywhere and survival of the fittest in a primal capacity, women would still be exactly where they always have been. Staying indoors, birthing and raising children and being protected by men from everything... What do you think women are going to revert to if the shit hits the fan in the world and everything falls apart? Their genetically developed instinct, find a man that can provide and protect them. Everything is as it should be, women are IN GENERAL and for the most part sexually attractive damsel's in distress... Anita Sarkeesian can suck it, she's the most delusional female gamer I have ever seen in my entire life. Put her in a situation where she's being chased by a man, and she then see's another man down the street, what do you think she's going to do? Hide behind his ass and beg for his protection, that girl is a complete idiot...
  22. Most PC games in general have been over 20Gb's for several years now... This isn't something new.
  23. I'm citing another person who like me questions the reasoning why it's actually Tuesday and finds it illogical all the same. His theory is an irrelevance to the underlying point, it's the fact that it's being brought up by other people, ironically in the same timeframe I brought it up...A contrarian is not cut and dry like you think it is, thanks for highlighting your lack of knowledge though by simply copying and pasting one of the definition s which will best suit your point and not the other... Words are more intricate than a single definition and have varying context, nice try though... See where it says "especially"? Do you know what that means given the context? It means more times than not, it doesn't mean always... If you actually understood the word contrarian you wouldn't have even bothered to make this ignorant reply as you would have understood the context I was using immediately...How many employed adult gamers do you know personally? I'm not talking about casual gamers, I mean real die hard gaming enthusiasts... Aside from myself I can only count... Well myself... The fact that nobody, not even one other person here is at the very least saying "well yeah that is kind of dumb" is very suspicious... Suspicious to the point where it's plain to see I'm swimming in an ocean of contrarian bullshitters... Something being one way for decades doesn't make it right, it doesn't make it logical and it doesn't mean it shouldn't change... I'm an insulator on manufactured homes, asbestos was used for decades and no one questioned it... Well we all know how that turned out, someone finally questioned it and guess what? It causes a horrible type of cancer... I'm not saying that is relatable, I'm simple pointing out that your logic for not questioning long standing things simply because they are is flat out stupid..
  24. So I was going to buy this just to see how the game performs but I decided not to because it actually looks like a terrible game aside from all the performance issues...