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  1. Orianna, just spam shield and damage and while watching C9 vs TSM rapid fire game then urgoth seemed really op.
  2. I would like to apply as a stundent. SteamName: Lonbrok http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197985984696 availability/Timezone/Server Location: My timezone is GMT+2 (EU), i have time to play mostly every day from 7pm to 12 pm Game Experience: I have 33 hours atm, about 25 games, i have completed the tutorial 100%, i have played so far beastmaster, morphling, earthshaker, elder titan,viper, venomancer, brood mother, chen, natures prophet, zeus, lion, encahntress, sven, tidehunter, sniper, dragon knight, juggernaut, drow elf, windrunner axe, lich and some more i cant remember names for. Almost every game im playing a hero i havent played before. Im willing to learn anything but mostly i would like to learn items, how to build how to counter and so fort. Also would like to learn about team comps, warding/map control and other tips and tricks. I would also mention that i have played over 600 hours of lol.
  3. Gothic should get a reboot. Ive heard that piranha has gotten back the gothic license but they are working on risen 3 at the moment.
  4. Robbaz ofcourse.
  5. I would recommend for you to buy AC2 first. In my opinion the best AC game at the moment. Its cheaper and maybe than you can wait until steam summer sale. I cant deny that AC4 is good but for me it really isnt an AC game, because half of the game or even more you spend on sailing a ship then running on the roofs of a massive city.
  6. I would say that skyrim gets its love because of the wider audience it has gained by dumbing down the game. Because nowadays you can see a lot of top rpg lists filled with mass effect, skyrim and newer fallout games. And im pretty sure that for a lot of people these are the only RPG-s they have played or even know. And when these are the only few rpg-s they know, than ofcourse this will be the standard for them.
  7. I would love to see a lot more DMC games and i would prefer if platinum games would make it. Also i would like to see TES game thats more harder and immersive like morrowind.
  8. Well it is his opinion, but only problem i had is bioshocks position. Mostly because in infinite review i saw that Joe didnt understand the ending, but while hearing what he said about the game in the top 10 list, then i can say that he didnt understand the ending at all.
  9. Lost Vikings
  10. What is there to be ready for? Oculus rift in my opinion is just like a kinect is at the moment. You will have fun for an hour or two but then you get bored because of the lack of control and the clumsiness of the technology. I also reckon that its not going to be cheap at all so there wont be a lot of people going to get it. Yeah the idea is cool but its gonna take like atleast 10 years before its any good.
  11. Would also say 2. I was just so blown away how much everything was improved.
  12. You just have to look closer. I am 100% sure theres already a thread about this.
  13. Well i didnt like AC:BF because well i wanted to play an assassins creed game not a pirate game. Im not saying i didnt like the ship battles and all that, i just wanted to be roaming around in a city not sailing around half of the time and because of the the world being so big, the ports felt more like villages than cities that i have prefered. They should make a standalone pirate game not make the mechanics part of an another games mechanics and one way you could say they made new game not a sequal.
  14. For me its dragon age 2.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGRESBZHt1s&list=FLBJx9lfg8g10Tqh8vuGL75g&index=8[ / YOUTUBE ]