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    75% of what we gamers like, plus a little bit of sports, sociability, etc.
  1. Blue Bomber fans, rejoice! Jasco Games has initiated their kickstarter program to create an official Mega Man Board game. Their target goal is $70,000 to make it happen. So, since Capcom gave the OK signal for Jasco Games to create an official Mega Man game, does this mean that Capcom DOES NOT hat ethe Blue Bomber? Or are they just getting lazy to create a Mega Man game? Either way, Capcom, you have earned my trust....a little bit. You still have a long way to go though.
  2. FOR FREE!? NO WAY! But it is true! Thanks GOG. I look forward to replaying these classic titles, because war...war never changes...
  3. True, he was on his last days, and he knew about it. In fact, a day before his death, his family has reported that he was in high spirit on his deathbed. We can learn from him for his example. As a gamer, we love video games, and we want good quality games to enjoy. However, you do have greedy companies like EA for example that wants to screw the gamers over. Thanks to people that voiced their opinion like Angry Joe and Total Biscuit, we were able to influence a little bit of EA. But they could not do it alone. We also voiced our opinion and criticize how we don't like how they screw up the franchises. So, what can we learn from him? To fight on! Remember the motto, never give up, never surrender, victory or death! So let's show not just the gamer corps, but other companies and government to voice our opinion!
  4. For now I am enjoying GW 2. I used to be an adventurerer in Azeroth, then a I took an arrow to the knee from a Panda...Gawd it still hurts...
  5. Dexoll, level 18 Ranger, Henge of Denravi. Currently representin Storm of Knives, so if anyone in the guild from the army, let me know please. Started playing last week.
  6. With all the gaming news and tech news we have, I want to make a space for a true fighter. Nelson Mandela passed away today at the age of 95. He was a true fighter for what he beleived in, and was a fighter until his last breath. It was because of him, the spirit of his beleives will carry on in all who was inspired by him to fight on for what you beleive. Nelson Mandela, you have fought hard, and you can rest, because there will be people that you have inspired, and they will follow your example.
  7. Overall, I like the game. I guess the only improvement I wish they would is player housing. I always liked that element of MMORPGs. If they can make a feature like that, offer benefits, that would be cool. Overall, it's incredable.
  8. I can see myself spending alot of hours in the game. If the limit is only 500 Guild members, I suggest we should have divisions, based on regions. For example there can be a AJSA North America Guild for example, and also a AJSA England as an example.
  9. Ah, the voting both. Ok, thanks for the heads up.
  10. So check this out. Today I bought Guild Wars 2, and you can thank AJ for that. I saw his review, and I`ve never seen him so much happy about it! So, with that video, I decided to buy it. Right now, it's already installed, and I am waiting for the HUGE update that is installing! FU-! After that, I will be logged in. So here are my million dollar question: Is there a AJSA Guild, and just incase it has multiple servers, which one? WHat are the requirements to sign up? I know it sounds a bit noobish question, but I have to make sure. Nothing more. Either way. hope to see the army....in about...holy crap, 2 GB of update, and already is at 21%....mother of god...what the hell is it that they are putting in the game!?
  11. Seen the video, and when he stated that, I was like DA FUUU!?!?
  12. True. It's better to give it a year and see what the final outcome will be between Sony and Microsoft.
  13. I found out more, and I agree with you. The game looks amazing, and I`ve seen the clips. I beleive the real problem is that how long of a grinding it will takr to unlock the cars. It's as if they are actually forcing you to cough up more money to use the coolest car. I saw the video of TotalBiscuit stating the news, and he pointed out an example of a car that if you want it, it costs $50! I see now why alot of people are enraged. I guess some companies will never learn from past mistakes.
  14. And I agree with you. "By the power of the Apple of Enlightenment, I AM A GAMER!". All kidding aside, the best we can do now is be a better person then the morons that want to play the blame game.