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  1. I manage to get all the Akbronco prime parts or I use all 60 or so of my keys looking and all the additional keys you get as rewards. Feel free to join in, but I'm not exactly waiting around either so get in before they're gone/I get bored/I get what I was looking for. It's over more or less. If I can get my hands on a bunch of t3 capture keys i'll be up for another group
  2. Been plenty active on TS at the times I can log in lately, nobody really seems to be around to witness it though. Did we just completely stop playing Warframe or something? Met some people tonight actually.
  3. As I understood it, goons more or less have just about all of nullsec claimed at this point, will need to give it a year or so for them to get bored and start turning on each other before anyone can make any real headway in there. If there was to be an AJSA corp, it'd probably be better off taking a wormhole rather than trying to mess around with that.
  4. I'm sure it's good, but I don't have it and am not planning to buy it any time soon. Money is pretty tight when you're unemployed, after all :/
  5. Hate to burst your bubble, but tbh Vauban is not really that great. He's okay in infested defense and maybe survival missions, and much worse in everything else in the whole game. I haven't really used him in months. The only reason he has any particular importance is you've never been able to farm for the blueprints to his parts, had to get them from alerts. That being said, if you're just really desperately in need of platinum I can probably make a shopping list of things I'd be willing to pay for, give me a moment. Edit: I have no idea what these go for normally so if it's low I'm not really trying to cheat you, this is just the most I'd ever be willing to pay for them myself seeing as I could just continue hunting for them instead. Also, i'm not paying more for them at max rank than I am at minimum rank with the exception of Heavy Caliber, we'd have to work something out on that. I'll pay 10 plat for any of these: Hammer shot(http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Hammer_Shot) Blaze(http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Blaze) Fleeting Expertise(http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Fleeting_Expertise) Heavy Caliber(http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Heavy_Caliber) Spoiled Strike(http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Spoiled_Strike)
  6. They're pretty different games. Fallout 3 was pretty much for exploring. The quests were extremely plain and uninteresting, but you could pick a random direction you hadn't been in yet and wander for hours and hours and never see the same thing twice. New Vegas is the opposite, everything is extremely flat and boring to explore, but there was plenty of quest related motivation to go places.
  7. Pretty much every boss fight song in MGR: Revengeance except for Sundowner's.
  8. There aren't really any parallels to minecraft in regards to it's crafting system, modded or otherwise. If I was going to force a comparison based on games you can play today, I'd say it's a mashup of EVE Online's industry stuff where you need things made to make things to make things to make things to make things, and Wurm Online's skill determined quality results on everything. Though, even that doesn't entirely cover all of it, the refining system they're going with is a whole new thing i've never seen anywhere before.
  9. This game needs at least another year to cook before it should even be considered. There is nothing there to hold interest for more than 5-10 hours right now, and the devs don't seem to really be interested in doing anything but spinning their wheels for the forseeable future.
  10. it's just the next step from kickstarter basically. The ultimate issue with kickstarter is that there's no real guarantee that you're going to actually get anything. The difference with an early access game is that you have a tangible product as soon as you "kickstart" it, rather than just a pitch and maybe a video of some very very WIP stuff. Being early access, they don't really have NDAs so you can check youtube or whatever to see if it's something you would be interested in before purchase.
  11. The group system seems to be working now, and I see there's a Nether channel in TS now. I'll probably hop in there one day when I get unlazy enough to sort out my mic issues. Anybody use one of those motorcycles yet?
  12. They probably should, I wouldn't actually expect them to though.
  13. I don't really need any help, but I would definitely be up for some heists with other ajsa people.
  14. having so much hyped up garbage coming out is how you know video games are mainstream media now. for every justin bieber and rebecca black that ark music factory can shit out, there will be a madden 9001 and call of duty 28 and such.