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  1. I was thinking, is there any chance of making the Halo 5 event next Saturday (presuming there was one planned in the first place) a Halo Wars 2 event instead? I just figure that it seems Halo 5 is kinda dead in the water attendance wise atm, plus the standard version will have been out a few days by then for people that bought that instead of the Ultimate version, so I figure why not give Halo Wars 2 a try in the slot of Halo 5 and see if that makes any difference to attendance? Just an idea I've been playing alot on the non blitz multiplayer modes too these last few days on Halo Wars 2, have to say had lots of fun on them - the maps are exactly what I wanted, decent size and full of tactical areas to conquer/fortify plus u seem to get a lot more exp playing the other modes compared to the exp u get playing blitz, I suppose its coz Blitz matches r quicker maybe? Tho I do still enjoy the simplicity of Blitz mode - I even gt a few new cards, tho still not gt the Condor yet!
  2. If u ever wanna play today or another day on Halo Wars 2 just send me an invite - if I am on the game anyways I'll always be up for sum multiplayer I won a few more Blitz matches tho lost a ton more too, Blitz is pretty difficult, but even tho I am losing more than winning atm, I'm still finding the mode fun - I've seen theres a Blitz Firefight mode where two/three? of you can co-op against the AI so if u wanna do that or do a Blitz solo vs each other until we get better at Blitz mode then I am up for that I'll most likely play Halo Wars 2 Blitz thru the whole day today, up until the Halo 5 event * Fingers Crossed for the turnout to be higher for Halo 5 tonight Those Condors that kept screwing us over are a legendary power up card which only the UNSC can use - apparently it costs 300 energy tho, so dunno how the enemy were able to play 2 or 3 in a single match - they r apparently pretty unbeatable from what I have read, I think we have to use a Mac Blast, or some kind of BIG Weapon equivalent to beat them. I'll let u know if I get the Condor card, if I do I shall add it to my deck.
  3. I wouldn't mind playing more Breakout on Halo 5 during the events, that and Warzones, Assault (the bomb one, I think its been added to Halo 5 now), and Capture the Flag, tho I know those require larger numbers, which atm is a problem. Unfortunately although I own Halo MCC, I don't have it installed as I had to uninstall it to make room for For Honor, so I wouldn't be able to attend any Halo MCC events as by the time I re-installed it the event would be over, my terrible internet means it takes like 2+ days to install a game (I just tend to buy digitally now). I have Halo Wars 2 installed tho and would deffo be up for any events on that game as well as Halo 5 I'm thinking a big problem with the decline in numbers for the Halo 5 events is the new earlier start time and the short time frame between them and the Overwatch event, as I feel that it puts the event in direct competition and obviously most who have Overwatch are preferring to head off to Overwatch once that event starts. - Is there any chance of changing the day/time of the event for a trial period and seeing if that makes any difference? I'll deffo be attending the Halo 5 Event this Saturday, in fact I am looking forward to it. I had lots of fun playing Halo 5 and Halo MCC with the AJSA last year, I think the Halo games were the first ones I started playing with the AJSA and then that led me to join other AJSA events like Titanfall 1 etc. Now I can't wait in the week for the next AJSA event I can join = Highlight of the week for me! Really hoping attendance for the Halo events goes back up again - perhaps Halo wars 2 might be the new blood that is needed to re-ignite interest!
  4. Due to renewed interest I should hopefully be restarting this event this week - will keep u informed of the details shortly
  5. Due to renewed interest I should hopefully be restarting this event this week - will keep u informed of the details shortly
  6. Sounds good to me Am hoping Halo Wars 2 can become another game that gets regular weekly or bi-weekly events Really enjoy the Titanfall 2 and BF1 events. Its a shame that attendance has been low/non existent on the Halo 5 events tho lately had a TON of fun with those the previous year!
  7. I will be getting the Ultimate Edition - shld be pre-ordering it by the end of the night - Can we get an Official Event going for the 16th for those of us that are picking up the Ultimate Edition? - I completed the first one and played the Beta too so I shld hopefully be somewhat decent in the game - I think I will prefer the straight up Deathmatch to the Conquest tho as Conquest in the small maps of the Beta atleast was just a rush to get units to the capture points as quickly as possible, whereas I personally like to take more time to build up my base/gather resources etc first b4 sending troops out I hope they have sum larger scale maps in the full game I'm REALLY hoping they allow us to pre-install digital versions too coz unfortunately my internet is terrible so will probs take me between 24-48 hours to install it depending on the file size! *Just read that yes in fact it does allow for pre-installation YEY
  8. until

    Destructer278 I already run a PS2 PS4 event for the AJSA, its on European servers, send me a message if u want in, we could do with some new recruits
  9. until

    If anyone owns Planetside 2 for the PS4 and is interested in weekly events, PM me, I currently run an event each Sat on the European Servers.
  10. I've seen that there are already posts for Nintendo Network Id's and 3DS Friend Codes however I wanted to create a thread specifically to help fans of the Pokemon Games exchange their nintendo info so that they can battle/trade etc together when the Gen 7 games come out. In order to best find suitable players to add to your 3DS friends list please provide the following information: (I shall edit mine into this post once I have checked) Nintendo ID: SCORPIO1988 FC: Guy/Gal: Guy Age: 27 Location: England Who you are looking to befriend on the 3DS: * I'm personally looking for guys of a similar age (not bothered by location) who still enjoy the handheld pokemon games and wanna play/trade regularly together once the New Gen 7 Games release in November. If people can Edit their posts to include who they have added once they have added someone as a Nintendo 3DS Friend then it will be easier for the person they have added to see this and add them back (if they are equally interested in being 3DS buddies)
  11. Why not just do as I do nowadays and buy BOTH versions Its not as silly as it may first sound, I mean think about it usually there r some kinda exclusive pokemon/area differences (other than the legendaries) plus, and this is the BIGGEST reason I buy BOTH versions nowadays, theres just sooo many pokemon to choose from (arguably getting to the point of being overwhelming) and in the main campaign u usually run with just 6 that you level up throughout and focus on training, well buying BOTH versions means you then can then focus on 12 different pokemon (over the two games) opening up which pokemon u use, and u can even then play in different ways, for example with the last games, I used one to focus on beating all the gyms/elite 4 with the best Fire Team I could - picking my 6 fav Fire pokemon non legendaries, and used the other game to focus on beating all the gyms/elite 4 with 6 of my fav non legendary Insect types. With Poke-Bank/global trading it shld be easier than ever to use the 6 specific pokemon u want to use, theres plenty of time to plan out a theme (if u wanna challenge yourself more or have a fav type) then just breed eggs for the ones u want to use and then u will be ready once the new games come out to transfer them over and there u have your full roster of pokemon u want to train spefically but at low level so u can still enjoy levelling them up/beating the single player campaign with them Obviously leaving spots free for any NEW Gen 7 pokemon that get announced that u want to use I know some people prefer ONLY running with New Gen pokemon once a New Gen releases, but for me, I find theres sooo many awesome pokemon from previous Gens that I never used, or ones that I want to use again now the 3ds pokemon game graphics have improved, that even using some from Older Generations, can still feel fresh and new when placed in the new Regional setting of the New Gen.
  12. Any chance we could get an official thread started for Movies. I understand that this would fit into this current thread as its 'off topic' but as Angry Joe now regularly does movie reviews on his youtube channel I feel like making Movies - a main thread would fit in with The Angry Joe Show main themes, even tho its not directly about Gaming. Furthermore it would then be easier to find the sub threads for film info, such as movie news, reviews etc. Links to the Angry Joe Show Movie Reviews could also be posted in this thread which would help further advertise Joes Movie Reviews. I understand that Joes website is currently devoted more to Gaming, but with him expanding his youtube channel into Movie Reviews and Trailer reactions/casting news I just feel it would be cool to have a main thread on the forums here to discuss movie based news, which would also include upcoming movies based off games, such as the Warcraft movie. Just an idea for the MODs/higher ups of the AJSA site, but would be kl if people replied to show if there is a genuine consumer demand for this! As a HUGE comic book fan I would love to have a place to discuss all the kl upcoming Marvel/DC stuff
  13. Week 5 completed. Next Event 21/05/16 at 18:30 - If u r interested in seeing the previous Events footage feel free to send me a PM on here and I'll send u a link to my Twitch channel/Youtube Gaming channel
  14. Well after a few technical issues, the first Rocket League Weekly Event got underway. The Event was short but sweet. The Night saw a 2 win 2 loss record by the AJSA members against other non AJSA members online (we will play online as a team of AJSA members against non AJSA members until we have large enough numbers for private lobbies). Lets try and beat this 2 win/ 2 loss record next week AJSA Represent! Shout out to Sabaton_owns (aka Shagger). Hope to see more AJSA members at the next event which will take place next week at 18:30 PM GMT (as usual) on Friday the 29th! Week 4 completed. Next Event on 20/05/16 at 18:30. If u r interested in seeing the previous Events footage feel free to send me a PM on here and I'll send u a link to my Twitch channel/Youtube Gaming channel
  15. I realise this, however I was limiting it to PS4 owners tho because the pc users cant join the PS4 party chat. I am aware Discord would resolve this problem however I do not like using Discord personally and my internet connection is not the greatest unfortunately so running my laptop and discord (I dont own a PC) aswell as the PS4 online would likely slow things down too much and cause lag, especially as my partner would also be likely using her IPAD at the same time. I hope however to see you at the event If u own a PS4 feel free to add me as a PSN friend and I'll send u a party invite at the beginning of the event!