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  1. Foxygen liked a post in a topic by Sony in ign's review of alien isolation   
    seems like the guy on the left just discovered what marketing and advertising is
  2. captainroyy liked a post in a topic by Sony in COD: MODERN WARFARE-GHOST - VOTE FAILED   
    CoD games are known for their marketing, 10 years old boys community, noskill play and utlra expensive and overpriced base game and DLCs rather than for their quality. This game doesn't deserves any reasonable support.

    And the poll isn't being very honest. There are two "yes", and a "no" that implies the fact that we actually own the game and play it. So there are just three "yes" with just different levels of supporting the game, and not any kind of "no, AJSA should not support this game because this game sucks", or whatever else reason.
  3. Sony liked a post in a topic by silence0000 in COD: MODERN WARFARE-GHOST - VOTE FAILED   
    This game is a pinnacle of lazy and shady devs I would never dream of supporting the new infinity ward with this garbage