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  1. My NA account is PZ3R0 and my LAN account is Pzero93
  2. im in keining
  3. I believe ths game as alot of potential, they can easily fix the problems with Lol, dota and smite, and add that blizzard originality to it. and by the way, it was thanks to blizzard that we have moba. it was back in the warcraft days that a very talented individual created the first moba type game with the map editor in warcraft, and also blizzard started this project since 2010, so they aren't copying or trying to get into the moba genre. thanks to them, it started and now they are making an official game.
  4. looking forward to the LOL op nights!
  5. Hey guys, i recently got into the open beta for hearthstone and wanted to open up the topic for discussion about it. In my opinion the game is well made, i really enjoy the RTS and competitive feel of the game. It is the first card game i play, and got used to it pretty fast, i don't know if the game might be made a bit too simple, but regardless of how simple the mechanics are, i still feel the need for complex strategic thinking in order to win games. I also don't feel the need to spend money (pay to win) since im currently 1 star gold in rank, and feeling like im doing decently well without having to spend money for packs and getting a big supply of rare cards and legendaries. But who knows, maybe in a higher rank i will feel the need to actually get legendaries, but for now i enjoy the challenge of playing agaisnt players with rare cards agaisnt my regular decks. If anyone is playing hearthstone right now, i would like to know your opinion about it and if anyone hasn't played it yet and would like to know more about, tell me and il add more information about it.
  6. The main problem with the game in my opinion is the servers, getting into a game with low ping can be a pain, but once in, i really enjoy the combat, its very original and the fact that your personal skill makes a very big difference in the outcome of battle is a big plus to me. It can get pretty intense for people who are very competitive, like me.
  7. I pledged 40 for the beta access! and share that amazing game on facebook.
  8. The game looks amazing, i cant wait to try it out in the beta and help polish the shit out of it XD