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  1. Hey everyone, finally getting a chance to introduce myself formally. Personal Info: Currently I am a student going to college to be a chef, specifically in baking. I am mainly a PC player now but I was all about consoles until about high school. I started off watching my aunts and uncles and even my grandparents play the NES when I was little and as soon as they gave me a chance to play my life was changed forever. The first console that belonged to me was when I was about 7 years old I had my tonsils removed, when I woke up from my drug induced stupor my parents brought me into their room to find a Sega Genesis on their bed with a bunch of games. Growing up in the 90s I also frequently visited arcades, in addition to that one of my uncles used to distribute arcade cabinets and pinball machines to local restaurants and businesses so he had a arcade at home. While I may not be the best I do enjoy a good game of pinball every now and then. Joining the Angry Army: I joined the Angry Army back when Joe launched the community with Guild Wars 2. I was made an officer in Guild Wars 2 to meet the rush of players. Initially I was made a forum moderator on the old forum by mistake but when I showed that I put forward the effort to battle the large amounts of spammers we were receiving I was able to stay as a moderator. Over time I worked my way up the ladder and was officially a Community Officer. When the new site launched I was asked if I wanted to be a Commander, I hope to meet most of you and enjoy playing games together. On a specific note when HEX has a finished product out I hope to host community tournaments if the game mechanics allow it as well as nights we we all make small groups to tackle the raid/dungeon bosses together.
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