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  1. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I've noticed a complete lack of people period in the AJSA servers. The EU one usually has people in it, but the other two are always empty when I check, regardless of time of day. What gives? As for the core issue posted, I mostly agree. Hell, part of it is just the way the game is designed. I'm not going to fault anyone for this though. Most gaming communities start out slow and grow, whereas this one isn't even a month old and has like ~30k people in it. I've been a manager in a much smaller community before, and I know it can be a logistical nightmare to get set up. I have no doubt things like mods/admins/officers/etc will get better over time.
  2. I'm probably living in a bubble since I usually play with friends on my team and I have enemy team chat disabled during game for my own sanity. Overall it seems to be leaps and bounds better now than it was 2-3 years ago when I started playing. There are some bad apples in all gaming communities but I think LoL has a reputation much worse than reality. HoN and DOTA2 on the other hand... based on my experience, those two games very much live up to the toxic community reputation. I can't even stand to play them anymore.
  3. Solid suggestions. I unparked my CPU and ran KBOOST on my GPU. (OC'd i5 2500k + GTX 670) I've noticed a substantial performance increase on ultra settings. Also, I ran the DirectX package in the game client folder. I'm not sure which of these things is responsible, but I haven't crashed in the last 10 hours of play. Prior to these changes I used to crash to desktop every 30 minutes or so.
  4. I'm skeptical but hopeful that it won't be a crappy console port. I'm not sure about the logistics of the game since it looks like it kinda blends single player campaign objectives with multiplayer, but I certainly hope the PC version has dedicated server support. Death to automatic matchmaking!
  5. I'll be there around 3 EST.
  6. Carbine. My favorite gun in the game so far is the SG553. That thing tears people up in mid to close range engagements.
  7. Very nice. Thanks for posting this up.
  8. BillCosbyJello
  9. I'd support this! I've been playing a lot, but solo just isn't nearly as fun. The game has some issues, but it's pretty solid and headed in the right direction.