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  1. I decided to look into Star Citizen, so I got the starter pack and started flying. Right now there are two areas you can fly. The Arena Commander and the Universe. The Arena Commander is a small instant combat area where you can instantly kill things. The Universe is an example of the open world you can expect at launch. It is a single system you can dock, do NPC missions and PvP combat. If you decide to try SC out put my referral code in and you will get some bonus credits in game. STAR-7CJR-9YGH
  2. Application to Join, nick is Essayon.
  3. Hello, I just started the trial of the game and find it very fun. I did have a few questions that maybe you guys can help me out with. The trial consist of five missions in Old Russia. No crucible and no moon. I have gotten to level 6 in a single evening. I noticed almost everyone I meet is level 25+. Is the player base all on the end game? Also I noticed most of the vendors at the tower I cant collect rewards because I do not have Crucible marks. Is the game focused on PvP? My next question is how do you find groups? I get messages that people have joined fire team voice chat but I don't see how to do that. If anyone can help that would be great.
  4. Indians are still around, many Indian tribes have parts of the country that are for them called reservations. All non Indians in America have migrated from somewhere else. My family is Irish and Indian. Many Irish started coming to America during the 18th century because of a potato famine in Ireland. Vietnamese migrated here after the Vietnam war. Koreans did the same after the Korean war.
  5. Certain type of games that have a lot of static content like Skyrim are better as single player. You put together a group that is at different points of the story line and someone is not going to benefit from the group. You have three people that have to go one place and two that have to go somewhere else to progress. That is the downside of content driven multiplayer games.
  6. From my perspective, Nintendo has not released any new titles in a very long time. Nintendo has focused on remakes of the Super Mario, Zelda etc franchises. When there is nothing really new to look at, it is hard to have enthusiasm for the console. I like Nintendo because it has focused on family friendly titles, but I am not going to buy a Wii U so I can play a remake of Super Mario.