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  1. Well, I personally think paying 60$ for a video game is retarded. And even if I do pay such high price and end up not playing the game, I won't be pissed. It was my decision to buy that game and it appears that I just don't enjoy it. But I see your point, I guess that's not how I react to it.
  2. What about your family or friends? Can't they aid you? It's better to be in debt to them than to the bank (since there will be no interest to pay) And what about finding a second job?
  3. + Ordered Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition for a cheap price. - Gotta wait till Sunday for it, and then go pick it up 30 minuets away from me.
  4. No, because you're trying to point out the problem of being too judgmental (specifically or overall). And I must agree, he has a point - that problem exists for a long time. But that is only natural.
  5. I marked everything here, because I don't have a specific genre that I enjoy the most. If I would make a list of games that I played over 6 month (If I played it that long, I consider it good) than the list would be quite big with many different genres.
  6. Congratulations on the game you just bought! Did you finish Max Payne 3 yet and started playing Dragon Age Origins? If yes, how please (or displease) are you right now with the game? Is there something you're disappointed about?
  7. Humans were always like this. You can see that in history, politics, television, news, youtube comments and etc. There is nothing to do here but trust yourself in that matter, and perhaps influence others with your more balanced opinion. Untrue in my case. I buy a product, so I expect it to be functioning. Perhaps there is something good in that Australian law that forced Steam to enable refunds in case the costumer is not pleased with his product. So even if I buy Terraria for 2$-4$ in discount, I expect it to work and deliver what it promised. The only difference here is that you feel bad about yourself wasting more money on a broken game (Not saying bad, as that would depend on taste). The disappointment level however would depend on how broken the game is.
  8. It's been a while since you created this, and if you still didn't bought it than you're still not ready for this game. Wait for awhile, until you feel like you are really looking for a new game to play. Would I recommend it? Only if you liked the previous Dragon Age titles. If you didn't play them, I would recommend you to buy the game just to experience some of the "theatrical" role-playing. Another game would be Dungeons and Dragons or Neverwinter if you're really into role playing.
  9. Holy damn! Looks great, hopefully it plays so as-well. Been playing this type of game mod in GTA SAMP (I recommend ), and hopefully it will play similarly or even better than this.
  10. Welcome to the forums! I hope you will enjoy here! Hopefully your dream as an artist, designer and writer will come true.
  11. What if it's science fiction in the middle ages with many races (dwarfs, elfs, orcs, lizardmen) that has science in it and a lot of information to explain their universe? And if you want it futuristic, humans came from outer space and crashed to their planet?
  12. My belief is that the religion is not the cause of the problem. It's the people, who will use any kind of source (religion, science and so on) in order to spread their lies to reach a certain goal. In my previous post, I made a point that religious people can also be great people. The way you said it "sometimes it happens" sounds like it's something humans do naturally... anyways, note that I did not say you were wrong. Eventually religion is more complicated than it looks like, made of many beliefs and different people and communities. I'm just lucky I never met such people, only over the news. Also I'm glad to meet a historian, and have such conversation with him =)
  13. The cover reason is stupid as it's probably based on Yvonne Stahvoski or Shelby Welinder. The sue reason itself is stupid, as it happened to many other celebrities before. But I doubt anyone should care about this news, also I heard that's just a rumor.
  14. I disagree about religion is often used as a tool to do terrible things. Every religion is different, like every ideology. In the end, you will find many people finding ways to change the bible according to their way of ideology. In my country, many religious people are good people. If you were to meet them, I bet you would have a lot to learn from them. (And I'm speaking about behavior as a human, not related to religion). I have no idea on what you base your opinion, hopefully not the media as they got the ability to report on small groups like they are the majority of that group. In my personal experience, I met many Christians and Muslims over the internet who were good and respectful people. I also met people from different countries. I will mention the developing countries like: Iran, India, Morocco and South Africa who came from different educational, economical and political background who will still be good to you and respectful despite from coming from a certain place and having a certain opinion or belief. Religion is basically a belief. And we believe in many things, not only in religion. "Belief what you want belief, but I think you may waste a lot of time, basing your live's philosophy on a 2000 year old text exclusively." It actually changes with time to fit the present time, while the religion it self stays unchanged. If you will feel like it, you can try to read your bible and notice how the society in the bible changes with time in order to "adapt" to the time they were in. The claim you presented, I usually read it in youtube comments and they are based on nothing but assumption. In addition, it disrespects history. ---- Aww, I wrote more than I wanted to write. It's shorter than it looks D:
  15. What about fantasies (I believe you talk about the type with elfs, magic and dwarfs) that also had science included in it? (Like in the book "Dark Sword")