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  1. Hey guys, It's been a while since I last posted around here, honestly there's just been nothing notable to share! That changes today as I finally made something I've wanted to for a long time, so these are my top 10 favourite games of all time. Let me know what you think!
  2. You probably wouldn't like old-school RPGs then. I greatly prefer the combat system in Origins because of nearly everything you said, it's much more tactical and strategy based than Inquisition's run and stab approach. Really everything you said is subjective, you don't like it and that is totally fine, do you. But it most certainly isn't "shitty" because of that.
  3. No idea about that program, but I use PlayClaw for my recordings and stuff. It comes with CPU/GPU temp monitors for the screen and lots more. If you are willing to shell out $30 it's a really decent program. Also it's available on Steam.
  4. He'd probably start a new channel and whatnot, it would be a huge dent in his revenue but not a career killer. Guys like TB and such would most definitely help out to make the new channel known i'd think. Joe really needs to be careful of this though, I get that Capcom sent him the trailer and all that, but he should really avoid making reaction videos while showing the entire trailer as well. Copyright law is murky and outdated, which makes that extremely dangerous territory that has burned him multiple times.
  5. No Man's Sky is going to be terrible or average at best. People are getting super overhyped about it while the developers give vague information about the product and show no gameplay other than walking around and looking at dinosaurs. I made a lengthy video talking about why i'm skeptical of it and got downvoted to oblivion. Although that did get the video a few thousand views
  6. Hey man, I had no idea you were in the community! Awesome video as always, I mostly agree with your views. It's a great game, but has flaws that do hold it back. The war room really needs a better way to handle it than travelling back to it every 20 minutes, especially with those load times that add another five minutes.The story starts strong, but the last third of the game is lackluster in that regard. You never feel as though you are at any risk of losing near the end.Agreed that the KBM controls are horrible, feels like a really clunky MMO.There's only one two-handed companion in the game, which limits how you can form your party.The game suffers from the Mass Effect 3 issue where many of your choices don't actually matter and gaining power is largely useless in regards to how the story plays out.There is LOTS to do, but way too much collectible stuff. I don't need five of my party members asking me to find things all over the map when there is already a plethora of other things to find.There are optimization issues in various areas, plus that 30 FPS cap on cutscenes. (Although that can be fixed.) At the end of the day however, it's still a fantastic game. I'm a huge fan of the series and the pros you lay down outweigh the cons, however i'd recommend that if people can't handle a very MMO experience or don't have time to devote multiple days of playtime, then they might want to skip it. It is very much an all or nothing game. Great job.
  7. Our professor gave us some camera equipment and told us to film something, I thought it was worth sharing for any of you Skyrim fans!
  8. That is indeed a fantastic moment, one of the best story driven ones in recent memory for me. But goats being thrown at things still wins because it's so left field.
  9. Star Wars: The Gungan Frontier! I played this once at my friends house but the memories always stuck with me for some reason.
  10. We should probably stop buying micro-transaction stuff first.
  11. I have yet to find a single game I want for a decent price that I don't already own. I don't know how to feel about that...
  12. I think the silence is mostly chalked up to the state of these forums unfortunately. Agreed, Dragon Age is taking up too much time anyways!
  13. That depends if you enjoy a less tactical, fast paced experience than previous versions. The game is honestly more of a run and gun than any of the other games in the franchise. If you'd like a more tactical experience, try Bad Company 2.
  14. Well that depends, do you like RPGs? A little more information would be great to give you a recommendation or not. As far as it goes in RPG standards, it's great. There is tons of stuff to do, much more than $60 worth. You get many different open world areas to explore, long story, lots of companions and a huge amount of gameplay mechanics. I would recommend you get it on PC so you get the graphical and FPS boost if your rig can run it. I'm about 28 hours in to the game and there is still tons more to keep me occupied. If you like how Bioware makes their RPGs there is no reason not to check it out.