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  1. Steam Name: AshkPunk how many hours/games played: 1137 MMR: 1500 (Not my fault, lmao) Timezone: +3:30 availability: Wednesday till Friday mostly what roles you can fill/you are most comfortable with: Support/Carry. I'm a great support, probably the best you will ever see. Any heroes you like to play on team/most comfortable heroes: Tank would be great with my supp.
  2. I mostly play Support, and it really pisses me off when the carries, do their job. I even carry some games too with supp, if you can't play carry, play something else. God dammit.
  3. Hi.

    Welcome young one. You will love it here. Also, send us a link to your work, I would want to listen.
  4. Wow! Didn't know about the patch! lol Thank god, we needed this patch. Thanks for the info.
  5. This is weird, some of the best Dota2 players are from Philippines! And kids witness violence anyway so why bother?!
  6. In CD Projekt Red we trust. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. Not even mad, it gives me more time to buy a next gen.
  7. I'm gonna wait for the review's then I have to see some gameplay and read story to decide if I buy it. DAII was one of the worst games ive played. I actually like the combat system in DA:O, but i get why people like the combat system in DAII. From what I've seen till now from DA:I, it's a no from me.
  8. I really like Bastion, but other people don't seem to like it. I can't wait for Transistor.
  9. Sword Art Online. But with 500 bosses. Nerve Gear would be amazing, but I'm ok with just playing it with mouse and keyboard.
  10. I remember one of my cousins had an N64 and the other had a Sega Genesis, I didn't had any console at that moment, I went to their house and played games, but we all gathered to play Mortal Kombat 3, years later I got PS1 and we all gathered again to play Crush and stuff but not as much (everyone was busy at that time, life was in the way). Times passed by and we all lived in different cities, but every summer we all gathered to play PES6 (we played championship and it was the best.), it wasn't about the consoles for me it was about the family and friends. And even now, every summer they all call me and say that bring that Xbox of yours and lets get started. We still play games together, and it's still more fun than any Online experience.
  11. Mass Effect 2 The Witcher 2 Trine 2 Gears Of War 3 Civilization V Infamous 2
  12. Well, Alan Wake is on sale on Steam (till Feb 18 I think), you get better graphic (DX11) on the PC.
  13. I don't remember getting a confirmation email, but I got my beta code yesterday.
  14. Get another 4GB RAM first, and a Core i5 is better but you should be good for another year. (I have Core i3 3240 too)
  15. It's 52GB for me! And it's still updating! What the hell!! I played from Iran. I'm updating, after it's done, I have to see if they blocked us.