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  1. Say wut? Infant days of computer gaming? What you talkin bout Willis? Baldur's gate as the start of RPG renaissance on PC. The game genre goes back to late 70's (literaly - Richard "Lord Brittish" Garriot was making RPGs in 1970, Ultima 0 had limited release in 1979). EDIT: I wish I wasn't sick as a dog, becouse I'd love to have joined.
  2. Oh apparently it's just 8 days of open alpha: http://gunsoficarus.com/blog/open-alpha-announcement-and-survival-guide/#more-8013
  3. BTW the EF has chosen a month too early for Guns of Icarus - next month the expansion's Alpha becomes open Alpha.
  4. I think you got names wrong. I think you were talking about Occulus. You have to take Gaben with a grain of salt when he's bad-mouthing his competition (witch isn't uncommon). Vive is from HTC and Valve partnership, and Occulus is the only competition to Vive on PC platform. What Occulus is doing, has both pros and cons. It can either kill or save VR. Like similar attempts before (and like Windows Phone), it's prone getting caught in loop 22. People won't buy VR if there's a lack of games to play, and developers won't develop for VR if the market is too small. VR games are harder to make than PC or Console games. For starters you have to get your game to run on 1080p with 90+ fps. On one hand Occulus are getting games to VR (most of them are only timed exclusives, from what I understand), wotch is very good. On other hand, they are fragmenting, the already small and vulnerable market witch is very bad.
  5. Mine is erunno#2400. I'll be installing it today, because today I'm getting replacement for my dead Geforce GTX 460.
  6. I got to admit I was a total noob back then, kept running around with active rocket launcher, and when anybody showed their face, I'd launch all 8 of them and end up killing us both. But it was fun, because I made other players rage XD Not that I'm exactly a pro nowdays anyway. You started with 2 weapons: melee weapon and a pistol, and you kept them. You picked 1 or 2 additional weapons usually and ignored the rest. Of those games is played the first UT the most.
  7. I dunno what are you talking about, but UT and Quake definitively allowed you to carry ALL of the weapons you find in the multi-player matches. I have mentioned Lawberakers on the other hand is being developed by Cliffy-B (the guy behind UT) it's going to have classes, with 2 weapons each, and it's also going to be buy-to-pay like Overwatch.
  8. TF2 went f2p because it was at least 4 years old by then, and because Valve can make their games at a loss, due to their majority market share in digital distibution (I think they take something like 15% from any game sale). WoW didn't go free - it has had Starter edittion that is capped at level 20, can't receive or send in-game mail or use AH. Last year WoW time tokens were introduced, that work like PLEX in EVE online: they can be traded, but somebody has to pay real money to get them in the first place. Overwatch will never be 5$ (unless there is a catastrophic change in US economy). Warcraft 2 - game that is 20 years old, is still 10€ or your regional equivalen. Diablo 2 is still 15€. You can hope for price to drop to 20$ in 4 or 5 years, no earlier. I'll be counting it as return to 90's shooters when we can carry 10 weapons again, and have the same quick pace. That said I'm still getting Overwatch (I'd be getting Ladbreakers too, but I doubt that one will work on my current PC).
  9. I don't know about the others, but Blue Byte was actually working on next installment of Settlers series, but after community feedback they changed their mind. That doesn't mean they threw their work away, they just change the name, to create a new IP instead. Apparently the game wasn't settlers enough - atho according to the vocal (probably minority of) fans no game is ever settlers enough, unčless it is called Settlers 2, or Settlers 2 n-th aniversary edittion (this year would have been perfect for the 20th anniversary) . The new game will be a mix of action-RPG elements mixed with RTS elements.
  10. Maybe not. Nothing in the trailer indicates major american presence. The only guys that could be Americans on the video, are the ones being beaten the crap out of. Watching analyses of the vide by people that know about WW1 a lot more than me (and their youtube video production is focused on other things (for example: WW1 small arms, WW1 week-by-week recounting of the war), I have realised that BF1 announcement trailer has had a lot of thought put into it. It's not 100% historically accurate (there were some unfinished weapon models in there for example, both aerial variants of machine guns had wrong barrel sleeve, and the Italian gun models seemed unidentifiable - aerial guns tended to have air cooling not water cooling like ground variants), but the trailer indicates both the game mechanics (like classes - the guy with crutches was probably a medic, despite medics not taking crutches into combat) and details mostly forgotten by the general public. And some deviations because this is a AAA shooter, and needs to make a lot of money, to cover the massive development costs. Somebody said on this forum that this looks like a Michael Bay version of WW1, and I don't really agree. The only way to capture enemy postition, before widespread availability of tanks, was explosions, and lots of them. In early battles on western front (1914), each battle started with tens of thousands of artillery shells being fired on the enemy positions. Intensity of artillery barrages only intensified as war raged on. In the first 6 days of battle of Verdun there was 2 million shells fired by the Germans (whole battle lasted for almost entire year - from February to December 1916). Most of the westerners has image of WW1 of people sitting in trenches, hiding from shelling and getting slaughtered in suicidal charges, and that's not even entirety of experience of Western front. There were daily sniper duels, artillery barrages, air attacks, gas attacks... Western front brought the invention of Assault Troops - specialist squads dedicated to raiding enemy tranches. You had guys equipped first automatic pistols, carabine pistols, satchels of grenades, melee weapons (entrenching tools, bayonets, clubs) and sometimes even armour. Galipoli had speciality of having very occasional Naval Support. Mesopotamian campaign and eastern front were mostly mobile warfare (with forces of entente sometimes using Armoured Cars), colonial conflicts had either pitched battles or guerilla warfare. There was a lot of naval action - mostly in the pacific in first 2 years. Italian front had nearly constant battle along the entire Isonzo front (for almost entirety of the 2 and a half year the front existed, before the only offensive by the Central powers pushed the front by over 160km/100miles), it included a lot of high mountain warfare, with a lot of sappers, infiltration and trench raiding. I'm not saying there was constant action all the time and everywhere, but there was certainly enough for a AAA shooter. I'm also not saying Battlefild is going to be good. I'm not a diviner, I can't see in the future. I think this deserves holding opinion until we can at least see the multilayer beta. TL;DR: There was enough action in WW1, for a game. There were a lot of things, that could make an FPS interesting - including melee. And I'm not saing Battlefield 1 is definitively going to be interesting.
  11. The guns identified are also models from the video. I'm hyped for the idea of WW1 Battlefield game, I never thought I'd see the day. There isn't a lot of shooters set in WW1 out there, and the centennial is the perfect time to make a game set in it. I know a lot of you are disappointed they aren't revisiting 2142, we all hope they will revisit it soon. There were automatic and semi-automatic weapons available. SMGs, LMGs and HMGs were all automatic and most could be shot on the move. The armoured guy with the HMG is using Maxim MG 08-15, people have demonstrated that it could be shot while walking. AJ mistook is for a Gatling gun somehow - they have nothing in common. Gatling gun has rotating barrels, while MG 08 has a single barrel, the huge sleeve around it, is just a water tank for water cooling. The poster boy has an atumatic pistol hanging on his belt (the pistol in hand is a Mauser C96 tho)
  12. West front, Italian Front and Mesopotamian front (or possibly Arab revolt under T.A. Lawrence [aka Lawrence of Arabia]) are all implied (trailers shows fragments from the three). Guns Identified (not all of them 100% certainty): Mauser C96, Aerial Lewis Gun, Lewis Gun, T-Gewehr (German anti-tank rifle), Entrenching Tools, Winchester 1897 Shotgun, Aerial MG 08/15, M1911 pistol, Mauser 98 Rifle, MG 08/15, Lee-Enfield Mark 3, Berman MP 1918 SMG, Vehicles: British Mark IV, Fokker Triplane + Zeppelins, Armoured Trains and Calvalary. If anyone is like AJ puzzled how Germans dealt with thanks (Germans built double digits of tanks, while forces of the Entente made quadruple digits of tanks): combined arms of specialist anti-material ammo (Mauser 8 mm SmK ammo in 7.92x57mm with Thungsten alloy Steel Core with heavy powder load), lots of hand grenades, Artillery and T-Gewehr. Here is a good video on the Anti-Tank rifle. It was 5'5" long and weight about 38lb, and it was using 13.m2 or .522 cal bullets, and it wasn't effective past 300m or 900 feet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mWeNNiG9YU&index=22&list=PLJvsSlrbdhn5v8AuvAZuOYJ5BgEEoDdqm And yes armoured infantry protection was experimented with. Only realy successful experiment were the helmets, especially German - Stahlhelm, witch was used all the way into WW2, not the early Pikelhaube, witch was made of leather (the helmet the Medic in TF2 can get as a hat). German "Lobster Armour" was experiment - it could stop a pistol round and 10 feet/ 3m, but it weighed so much that they were used almost exclusively by sentries.
  13. GOI Pax East Co-Op Stream: 3 matches of the new mode Retrieve mode, where players have to retrieve 2 supply barges stolen by AI, and one match of improved Base Defence mode (apparently harder than before). There as preview of a few 2 new Chaledonian ships in Defence mode. Retrieve mode has all 3 Fjord Baronies ships are in the Retrieve mode. I love the Baronies ships.
  14. There was talk of DoW3 back in THQ time - something about trying to capture the WH40k Appocalypse feeling. THQ bankrupted, I don't remember any news since Relic got bought by SEGA.