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  1. Conan liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in GAME ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE MONTH OF JULY 2016   
    Hype train!
  2. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Gabe Newell on VR exclusives: They're bad for everyone   
    I think you got names wrong. I think you were talking about Occulus. You have to take Gaben with a grain of salt when he's bad-mouthing his competition (witch isn't uncommon). Vive is from HTC and Valve partnership, and Occulus is the only competition to Vive on PC platform.

    What Occulus is doing, has both pros and cons. It can either kill or save VR. Like similar attempts before (and like Windows Phone), it's prone getting caught in loop 22. People won't buy VR if there's a lack of games to play, and developers won't develop for VR if the market is too small. VR games are harder to make than PC or Console games. For starters you have to get your game to run on 1080p with 90+ fps.

    On one hand Occulus are getting games to VR (most of them are only timed exclusives, from what I understand), wotch is very good. On other hand, they are fragmenting, the already small and vulnerable market witch is very bad.

  3. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in The Story of Overwatch: Return of the 90s Shooter   
    TF2 went f2p because it was at least 4 years old by then, and because Valve can make their games at a loss, due to their majority market share in digital distibution (I think they take something like 15% from any game sale).

    WoW didn't go free - it has had Starter edittion that is capped at level 20, can't receive or send in-game mail or use AH. Last year WoW time tokens were introduced, that work like PLEX in EVE online: they can be traded, but somebody has to pay real money to get them in the first place.

    Overwatch will never be 5$ (unless there is a catastrophic change in US economy). Warcraft 2 - game that is 20 years old, is still 10€ or your regional equivalen. Diablo 2 is still 15€. You can hope for price to drop to 20$ in 4 or 5 years, no earlier.

    I'll be counting it as return to 90's shooters when we can carry 10 weapons again, and have the same quick pace. That said I'm still getting Overwatch (I'd be getting Ladbreakers too, but I doubt that one will work on my current PC).
  4. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Battlefield 1 set in World War 1 - Official Trailer   
    West front, Italian Front and Mesopotamian front (or possibly Arab revolt under T.A. Lawrence [aka Lawrence of Arabia]) are all implied (trailers shows fragments from the three).

    Guns Identified (not all of them 100% certainty): Mauser C96, Aerial Lewis Gun, Lewis Gun, T-Gewehr (German anti-tank rifle), Entrenching Tools, Winchester 1897 Shotgun, Aerial MG 08/15, M1911 pistol, Mauser 98 Rifle, MG 08/15, Lee-Enfield Mark 3, Berman MP 1918 SMG, 
    Vehicles: British Mark IV, Fokker Triplane
    + Zeppelins, Armoured Trains and Calvalary.
    If anyone is like AJ puzzled how Germans dealt with thanks (Germans built double digits of tanks, while forces of the Entente made quadruple digits of tanks): combined arms of specialist anti-material ammo (Mauser 8 mm SmK ammo in 7.92x57mm with Thungsten alloy Steel Core with heavy powder load), lots of hand grenades, Artillery and T-Gewehr. 
    Here is a good video on the Anti-Tank rifle. It was 5'5" long and weight about 38lb, and it was using 13.m2 or .522 cal bullets, and it wasn't effective past 300m or 900 feet.
    And yes armoured infantry protection was experimented with. Only realy successful experiment were the helmets, especially German - Stahlhelm, witch was used all the way into WW2, not the early Pikelhaube, witch was made of leather (the helmet the Medic in TF2 can get as a hat). German "Lobster Armour" was experiment - it could stop a pistol round and 10 feet/ 3m, but it weighed so much that they were used almost exclusively by sentries.
  5. Sol Omega liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in What Genre you Clarify LoL, DoTA, HoN, Smite, and etc as?   
    MOBA is a good term. It's generic, becouse not all games in the genre are DotA clones. Bloodline Champions was a great game, and it played nothing like DotA,  DOTA2, LoL, HoN, Dawngate, Infinite Chrisis, Smite, Prime World or Heroes of the Storm. It used WASD movement controlls, mouse was used to aim. But it was still the same genre.
    The same was RTS games wildly differ - you got a C&C style, a WC2 style, hybrids like WC3 and CoH. That's just the fast paced RTS. And then you got more macro oriented games like Settlers series (also tehnicaly RTS).
  6. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Guide to ships - The Goldfish   
    How you approach your enemies depends on your weapons and enemy's weapons. If you have a carronande you have  to be bellow of on level. On level every gun can hit, below not. Only weapon that is effective against baloon and can shoot down is Lumberjack- if you have baloon chem-sprayed flamer and hades are ineffective. Baloon is a greet protection against ertemis, gatling mortar and flak.
    If you have a hawacha howaever you have to fly realtively level.
  7. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Event Feedback   
    I take egineering very seriously, and take pride of tanking like a baws, and I sometimes get overexcited when things interfeer with my job (be it lag, or players not apearing not to be listening to me, when it would increase eficciency of the maintinence) and I appologise for faising voice in ingame chat.
    On the topic of in-game voicechat: it's based on Steam Voice chat service, and it's occassionaly derpy and I can't be heard well enough to understood (I have lost many a pug match, becouse I couldn't command my pug team thru it) - for that reason I prefer to use specialised voice solutions (like TeamSpeak for example).
    Fighting flamers is something every GoIO player has to learn. Easiest way to deal with flamer is effective use of chemspray. Balloon and Armour allways need to be chemsprayed when in brawling range with an enemy ship that has a flamer (even if it's not a main gun it will be used - sooner of later). Balloon and Armour being the largest components are guaranteed to be receiving most fire stacks and are most vulnerable to it. When rebuilding these 2 components while in flamer range the first tool used after rebuild is complete is the chemspray, only after that you use mallet. Guns and engines are very resistant to fire damage and can be chemsprayed after flaming has started, but be carefull not to get more than 7 stacks or weapon won't be usable. Formula for damage of fire stacks damage is:
    8+(2* the number of fire stacks)  - that is damage before the component modifiers. If you are tanking hull or balloon witch is being flamed the rotation is: chemspray>mallet>mallet rinse&repeat (chem spray lasts 20seconds).
    Flamer is in competitive generaly used, as the secondary weapon instead of a primary weapon because, as a main weapon it deals next to nothing to chemsprayed components, while as a secondary weapon iit can be used after enemy was forced to leave some key components without chemspray - while at the same time forcing enemy team to bring at least 2 fire fighting tools(never bring 2 extinguishers) and that many buff-hammers less.
  8. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Understanding what guns are for   
    Do you mean leading the shots or do you mean, difirentiation between friend or foe?
    If you can mark with a spyglass, it it's a foe. If you can't it might still be, look at ship colours in details.
    If you mean leading a moving target it comes all to the experience - projectile speeds are known. You have to guess their relative speed, direction and distance and that comes from experience.
  9. Geze liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Understanding what guns are for   
    The key for understanding efectiveness of guns is the damage matrix:
      It is available also at http://gunsoficarus.com/gameplay/weapons/. The weapon stats might not be accurate, but damage matrix is. The numbers tell you the damage modifier against speciffic components.   So if a gatling has piercing and shatter damage it means it's effective against Armor and Guns&Engines.    Edit: thank you Geze for helipng me around the issues of buidling the table with html or php code
  10. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Event Feedback   
    Quick note on sandbox controlls - there is no hull health repair button - they are ass follows:
    F1: default AI setting (works in normal matches, but only for commander of the ship) - affects only your ship
    F2: agressive AI setting that makes AI man the guns (works in normal matches, but only for commander of the ship) - affects only your ship
    F3: repair AI setting (works in normal matches, but only for commander of the ship) - affects only your ship
    F4: AI off/on toggle - affects only your ship
    F5: direct hit on your ship - affects only your ship
    F6: set fire to your ship - affects only your ship
    F7: spawn target dummy
    F8: spawn mobile targat dummy
    F9: spawn shooting target dummy
    F10: kill all target dummies
    However there is no limit on how many times you can die in practice mode.
    There is pros and cons to using either steam voice chat (witch what the game uses) or Teamspeak.
    With implemented steam voice service, the channels are much less clutered than TS would get (especialy in anything larger than 2v2 witch it the format most competitive events work)- but in Ts you can more easily reconstruct the comunitation issues that might happen (it is imperative that everyone on team knows the general plan and what is happening - especialy the captains and the main engineer).
  11. Darksky liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in AJSA EU Guild Invites for Wildstar   
    Can we move to a less populated server please, i cant spend 8 hours waiting to get to play?
    Also I thought we had decided on dominion in Wildstar too, what happened?
  12. Artose liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Guns of Icarus *NOW SUPPORTED*   
    Woo I defeated my first piloting teacher in a 1 on 1 duel! Metamidion vs Metamidion - I won by outmaneuvering him vertically.
  13. delta_3802 liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Guns of Icarus *NOW SUPPORTED*   
    I like to think our (GOIO) comunity is much less toxic than any DotA commity is.
    I play Guns of Icarus relatively regularly - got over 800 on it
  14. Artose liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    It was a lot of fun playing wuth you on friday
  15. Artose liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Guns of Icarus Online Chat   
    I know Artose plays a lot.
  16. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Worst Gaming Community?   
    And then the pro players get permabans for toxic bahavour (true story Riot baned all accounts of a couple of toxic pro players) - so much only about noobs being toxic. Yes toxic pro players are rarer.
    Yes a singular bad player can ruin enjoyement of the game for entire team of 5 players, but that is not an excuse. I play a game that is about actual teamwork when most of the matches played are 8 players versus 8 players (2 ships vs 2 ships). A singular player can ruin the enjoyement of the whole game, but our comunity isn't toxic, becouse of the vigilant efforts of veteran players (toxic players either chill down when confronted with niceness, or leave becouse nobody likes them while being nice about it).
  17. Conan liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in [AAR] OP #6: Reaper of Reaver (Screenshot and Video Round-up!)   
    I was about to start streaming, but then I forgot  Had OBS opened and set to stream and everything and then I forgot XD 
    We all did great, winning 2 alerts yesterday - Biolab Alert won with 7/9 biolabs under our controll.
  18. Mattilald liked a post in a topic by LordMagus in Unified MOBA TS section   
    With how big DOTA 2 is amonst the community, not to mension other big titles like LoL and Smite soon to be released. It struck me as a good idea to have a section within TS which compliments all of them, enough channels for each game, but certain ones for other titles. I think this be a clever way to encourage more members to talk to one another, in time share ideas and try out the other title, I wouldn't mind it just with my next to no skill with DOTA I don't feel confident with playing amonst pugs.
  19. sanemask liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Ancient to Medieval low and high fantasy City Building games   
    Caesar 3 (possibly 4, havent gotten to playing that one yet), Pharaoh - both by same studio as Zeus and Emperor.
    As for Settlers 7 - it is my favorite game, period. Settlers 6 is more city building focused than Settlers 7 but both of them, while pertialy same studio than Anno serries (Anno serries was originaly made by some other studio as a game inspired by the Settlers) are focused more in empire building with a lot of management (money is not the main resource - gold coins do exists, but are used for army). Settlers 7 have mutiple ways to win (except first few levels of the main campaign) - military might, technological superiority, or trading (I personaly invest everything into research). But beware technologies are EXCLUSIVE. If you start researching a tech, people have about 100s to outbid you whereas time remaining increases - my startategy is to block off everyone else from being ale to progress with research with techs low in tech "tree" - after that I can tech up slower becouse other people can't tech up - most of my love for it come from the main character in the main campaign (Princess Zoe) and becouse it's an attempt to try new game machanic while still kepping the spirit of the fan favorite Settlers 2 (it's from 1996, but you can check the 2006 Settlers 2 10th aniversary edittion with new graphics engine - original Settlers is also my 2nd favorite game of all times).
    It has a few issues: it's still tied to Uplay (altho they removed requirement to be constantly online anymore), pause gives you practicaly no tactical advantage (buildings and paths disappear when paused).
    Also: I do belive it's a good game, but a speciffic game. It's an RTS for citty building crowd rather than ussual RTS crowd. Not exactly like cilty building games, but it has management of the simplified economy without money. Transport routes are importatn as ALL materials are moved thru them. Storage yard has 1-3 serfs that transport limited amout of materials at a time ( belive it's up to 5 pieces of material of the time).
  20. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in The Banner Saga   
    On tuesday The Banner Saga was published. It is a Kickstarter founded project by Stoic Entertainment, and it was envisioned as a triology, and this is the first part.

    It's set in a Viking setting, after the gods are dead (you are told gods are dead in the intro, so it's not a spoiler). A great threat has reapeared and you company is fleeing with a whole caravan of civilians. YOu have to make sure you have enough food, otherwise you start losing civilians and fighters - witch will negatively impact your morale and morale impacts willpower witch is a cruicial element of combat.
    Combat is resolved in turn based tactical combat. The combat engine is so simple you could easily play it with p&p, easy to understand but with plenty of tactical complexity.

    (changed the image for higher resolution). The blue area is where the current character can move this turn, the yelow area is where you can move by expending Willpower I mentioned before.In the bottom to the left you can see the turn order. In left to the bottom you see a bunch of numbers. Those are stats of the current character. It very simple realy.
    Basic combat mechanics:
    I do have a few issues. It lacks manual save option and save-points are infrequent. For an RPG it's a bit on a short side and it's fairly linear - The path taken is fixed(predetermined, no choice of paths), events and resolutions aren't. There is still a few stability issues (but I count those as less pressing since bugs can actualy be fixed). I know it's part 1 of 3 and it's an indie title, but 8-12 hours for an RPG is a bit on a short side.
    Edit: I still like the game and I'm eagerly atincipating sequels (hoping they fix isues). If you think this sounds great despite the issues I listed, then you'll probably enjoy it. If you are on the fence then I suggest you wait for it to be on a sale or wait untill the triology be complete.
  21. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics removed from GOG.com   
    What Actualy happened is that Interplay still owned the rights to sell Fallout 1,2 and Tactics untill the end of 2013. Now Fallout is exclusively Zenimax/Bethesda IP and they have yet to make a deal with them - if I had to guess they'll be back after thed make a new deal with Bethesda.
  22. Mattilald liked a post in a topic by Gone in Games That Are Overlooked   
    PREY gorramit, not pray.
    Leaked info in August "confirmed" Arkane Studios is working on it ... HOWEVER ... there is no solid information.
  23. Dogfish liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Guns of Icarus Online   
    I'm still playing - I've started playing 1 year ago (Dec. 22nd) and I put about  20-30 hours a week- I'm a CA there.
    If you need advice in game poke me if you see me online (I'm Mattilald Anguisad in game, I'm in CA section of Social Tab).
  24. Sanguis liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in Why would you return to WoW and leave GW2?¡?¡   
    In reality the choice between both comes down purely to personal preferencess. There is no measurable way of determening witch one is better.
    I personally prefer GW2, despite hardly ever playing it atm. 
    I do wholehatedly agree that GW2 need actual expansions. I want to go back to Far Shiverpeaks, to Char Homelands, to Crystall desert, To Elona, to Cantha and countless other places we havent been to yet. And I do miss the mounts.
    I personally thing GW2 effects look better.
    Blizzard does not listen to fans any better than ArenaNet (ie they both listen to their fans equaly good / bad).
    I think GW2 has better progression. Unless I'm getting myself locked on a level, I'm not collecting best gear for my level pre MAX level in WoW, same as GW2. The only reason I'd ever go is that WoW had a lot of grat raids, while right now you are limited to a handfull of Wordbosses that are any challenge at all (last time I tried, we were still unable to kill Tequatl the Sunless in the time limmit we had).
    #2: GW2 has a lot of pets.
    #8 Holy Trinity is entirely up to personal preference. It's just a diffirent way of gameplay. GW2 still is about teamwork, it's just less forgiving about getting unnecessary damage and aggro.
    #11 If you want to know more about the setting go to http://wiki.guildwars2.com/ that wiki is 100% official (you can lear about lore, check the maps, learn about quests etc), it's hosted by ArenaNet on their web servers. Armory is not something I really miss (that it'self years for wow before it was added).
    #12 PvP servers don't work by design. Elder dragons are too powerful for races to be fractured in aliances and factions (none of the World bosses now are Elder Dragons, all od the world bosses that are dragons are just Lutenants). The pnly way open world PvP would work would be FFA. WvWvW is supposed to be the PvP server equivalent. there is a story behing the WvWvW and PvP in GW2 (they are fractals in the mist, witch is sort of paralel quasi-dimension). WvWvW lag can be issue, but normaly that happens in only extreme situations when you get extreme situations (in my WoW PvP experience lag issues started happening with smaler number of participants)
    #16 Diffirence is that you don't have to go to the renown vendor, and WoW has 90% of the time have the distances in sidequests much much larger, and most of the time you spent traveling.
    #17 Not all maps are equaly full that is true, but while sometimes you can't do group events with random people in the maps, but ussualy when I play there are people looking for events to participate in. If you realy want to do an event you can allways ask a few guildies to help. With high level characters I can generaly solo gruop events up to level 25. I know that there is a plenty of players that can solo up to higher level group event. Even 1 level 80 can help a LOT at levdel 60 group quests (you can 2 player them if one is level 80 generaly). WoW has the same problem 90% people are in the few max level lands farming their dailies, leaving lowbies unable to do group quests at lower levels.
  25. Triako liked a post in a topic by Mattilald in What was your first strategy game you played?   
    My first strategy game ever was The Settlers 2 Veni, Vidi, Vici, and it's still my 2nd favorite games I ever played.