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  1. I like video games that have a good and mature story, but I don't think all games should be like this, because while it's true a lot of adults and teenagers play games now, kids still play it too, and we should still have some kid friendly games.
  2. If you want only the backstory you need, play or watch a walkthrough of MGS3 MGS: Portable Ops, and MGS: Peace walker, they contain the story you need to know for MGSV
  3. I completely agree, although in regards to music, this track form Peace Walker kinda feels like a prelude of the events that await Big Boss in future http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDZ3mZQjy0Q
  4. OK, so if you're a Metal Gear fan you may not know this, but 2013 was a GOLD MINE in terms of news about the Phantom Pain or Ground Zeroes, OR WATEVA THA HEH YU WANNA CAHL EET. A Full Summary of all the information can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g74n1Nl8Dsk Tell me though, as newcomers or long time fans, what're your thoughts on the upcoming MGSV, leave a comment below, let me know!...suddenly I'm reminded of JeremyJahns...weird.
  5. for me, trying to do something a little different with bo2 pushed it up to 6
  6. With the recent release of Sonic Lost World, there are many divided opinions on the game due to certain elements, whether it be the by the numbers story, the return of wisps, the tubular level design or the two speed choices, so I would like to know your opinions on the game, what you liked or hated etc. Feel free to voice your opinion below...but please try to avoid a flame war
  7. "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind" - Albert Einstein
  8. with the newest episode of agents of shield now aired I have gathered enough content to share with what I call: 'The Coulson Conspiracy' catchy ain't it, anyway, I probably shouldn't need to mention it but this post is SPOILER HEAVY BUT YOU SHOULDA SEEN IT COIN IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Anyway, without further ado lets begin: If anything this proves that Coulson wasn't merely revived, something else happened, what was it? give me your thoughts on the matter and any theories you may have, Bye!
  9. In the 30 or so years of gaming, there have been many games that have forced us to make tough decisions, will you go paragon or renegade? which crew member will you sacrifice? will you kill a friendly dragon for crimes long past or spare him, and alienate your supposed friends? There are those decisions that you really don't wanna make, that inevitable decision that will cost you dearly one way or the other, so I wanna know, in all your years as a gamer, what was the hardest decision that you guys had to make in any game ever?
  10. So, new artwork for MGSV has been released, drawn by the man himself, Yoji Shinkawa, if you don't know who that is, WHA DA HELL, HE LIKE, DA NUTS!!! hehe, seriously though, he has done the artwork for MGS since 1, the man's artwork is beautiful, and he has recently released some new artwork for the upcoming MGSV, now I'll be linking you to a video showcasing the art, I would upload pictures, BUT DAT WOOD BE TOO DAAM BEEG!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWgIG9_bUXU
  11. Well Kojima said he wanted to make this game like a TV series, and if present day TV series have taught me anything, it's that dynamic storylines are usually better when fleshed out over a long period of time, BUT OH LORDIE ME THEY MUST TAKE EXTRA CARE WITH THE ENDING, BECAUSE THAT'S THE POINT WHERE THEY USUALLY F IT UP!!!
  12. Definately, although it looks like it may be sold seperately from the full game
  13. So yeah, Metal Gear Solid V, there's been TONS of info released on the game...ok mostly Ground Zeros, BUT STILL, the game (to me) seems set to blast Snake out of a cannon, and into the next generation, so, with all the info that's been released (keifer sutherland, the two part story, going open world etc.) what're your thoughts on this, any opinion is welcome....just go easy on the death threats.
  14. I'm TheBrokenMadMan, I like soldiers, Samurai, Batman, Metal Gear and CHICKEN!!!!!...hi