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  1. Fair enough, thank you sir.
  2. So is the army going to have a Black Desert guild of some kind? I see posts here and there, but nothing concrete.
  3. What part of the country?
  4. Hello folks, I posted this in the Bungie forums earlier and I didnt want folks to get caught off guard. But in my case this morning. I just got off a interesting phone call with Amazon. I was one who pre-order the game months and months ago with 1 day shipping ( not that it matters right now ). Now #Amazon has normally shipped their games out a day before so it can arrive at the house the day of release, either via 1 day or 2 day shipping. They told me on the phone that the game has been delayed will not be "shipping" out until the 10th, that's shipping and not arrival time. They were nice enough to give a credit for the issue but I just wanted to pass on the info to others before the complete and utter nerd rage that is coming. So if you ordered with them, I would give them a ring to verify this and see what they can do for you now.
  5. So when you perform a search via the Bungie site for AJSA, only two Clans come up and none of them are the main AJSA. Anyone know why this is happening?
  6. Add me if you got the room: PSN: RawGutts
  7. Wanted to bring this back up, I need more Friends for Destiny, need FireTeams!! Add me please.
  8. Would it be possible to add to the General Donation page an option for Google Wallet or Amazon Payments, please?
  9. I have 3 NA passes available if anyone wants, send me a PM so I can keep track. Update.... Just one left now. Update two All gone now..
  10. It's all good, I added a few Euro friends and they are in the same boat until the end of the month for that Launch time.
  11. haha yeah it did the same for me when I saw the video this morning. That Seagate hybrid drive is looking pretty good right now.
  12. Ok you my friend play a TON of games haha.
  13. Here is a great video from the guys over at Tested; they performed a test on some hard drive options for the PS4. SSD, Hybrid etc. MrFester
  14. The one that is on all the controllers is a standard 3.5MM.