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  1. I think I will pick this game up. I wonder if I'll wait for the first price drop or what.
  2. Yeah, breaking seems to be instant death. The difference between your rate of acceleration and deceleration is jarring. I can never quite feel like I've finally slowed to the point where I can begin turning.
  3. Been quite taken with Path of Exile lately. Keep posting any rumors you hear.
  4. I wasn't even aware of the new PM options. But yes it is true, deleting a pm from your PS4 will not remove it from your PS3 or Playstation App. Or vice versa versa.
  5. I think last gen is going to age a lot better than the PS2 generation. Games of either platform are pretty much on par with each other, and there were just some truly fantastic games released.
  6. I was really excited for Octodad: Dadliest Catch for PC. Then when I heard it was coming to the PS4, I was ecstatic. It is likely my highest anticipated game so far.
  7. In GT5 you often won most of those super cars in high end races. It looks like all the car prices are the same or only slightly lowered or raised accordingly. There was a time in GT5 that had you earning a lot of bonus cash in some online access tracks. If that pops up again, there'll be no worry for getting the money in my opinion. The concept behind the Gran Turismo games is to simply drive and appreciate cars. I'm surprised they kept all of the multiple variations of the same car. It felt like an untruthful way of boosting how many cars in the game in GT5, it feels that way now. I've done a little bit of research on how much credits you get per race, and it's looking to be just like GT5 in that regard too.
  8. What kind of micro transactions are we talking here? You say they don't ever feel necessary? No real "Pay to win" if you really enjoy driving? Would you say that's accurate?
  9. Ive seen my ps3 friends online while on my ps4 They can send and receive messages as normal as well.
  10. Just tested the Dualshock 4 compatibility with PS3 today. Unfortunately while it works while plugged in, it cannot be used wirelessly.
  11. If you feel like you are going to want to run live streams, you should get it.
  12. Once the PS3 version of Final Fantasy X comes out, the only reason I would still have a PS2 is for Final Fantasy XII and Time Splitters Future Perfect.
  13. I'm really interested in the game. I'm a little peeved that it didn't make it out on the PS4 or even cross-plat. That said, there are rumors about the economy being ridiculous and that makes me apprehensive to buy. Although the videos I've checked out so far seem to be the same as the GT5 model. I enjoyed GT5 a lot, but due to a robbery, I no longer have the game. I would like some input if I should go for this game, or just pick up GT5 again.
  14. FoxieNeikun on PSN I definitely have to make a move to be more social this gen haha
  15. This is a public service announcement. Grid 2 is a terrible game. I am not impressed. In fact I am bleeding from a cracked fingernail because of this game. I know it's no driving simulator but come on! No muscle car goes from 0-140km/h in 3 seconds. No muscle car clips over at the tiniest collision. Brakes should not function like e-brakes. Just SO MAD. I know it's a free game, but damn. It's awful.