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  1. FatherComstock liked a post in a topic by Gone in Cosplay   
    The closest i've got to cosplay is when my wife and a few of her friends went to an event and invited me along.
    I went as the Invisible Man ..... in that I was there in spirit but my body was in the pub getting drunk.
  2. Halbin liked a post in a topic by FatherComstock in Favourite game of last gen (current gen ps3 x360)   
    I have quite a few favorites but here are the one's popping into my head:
    Red Dead Redemption (and Undead Nightmare Expansion) Bioshock Infinite GTA V Assassin's Creed (first one only) Skyrim Dead Island If I had to pick an absolute favorite I'd have to go with Red Dead Redemption, but I know there are one's I'm leaving out, so I could be forgetting something I liked better.
  3. Golgo28 liked a post in a topic by FatherComstock in Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against GTA 5   
    I'm sure somewhere in the credits or in the manual or somewhere else they have that disclaimer that "all people depicted in this game are fictional, any similarities are completely unintentional blah blah blah." So I doubt they'll be able to get anywhere with this lawsuit.
  4. thegame0dude liked a post in a topic by FatherComstock in Starbound Beta   
    The guys at Giantbomb did a quick look of this game and I thought it looked pretty good. Apparently one of the guys that developed Terraria worked on this game as well (and you can tell if you watch the video, it basically is Terraria with space travel). Anyway, just wondering what you guys thought of it. If anybody has it or has played it, I'd love to hear what you thought of it. If you don't feel like watching the 50 minute video above, I posted the trailer below. 
    I think they said it's currently $15 on Steam. 

  5. FatherComstock liked a post in a topic by Koromaro in Eurogamer Give Warframe a 4/10   
    For me it run around 6-7/10 since there's too much farming/grinding. Once you grind a new warframe/weapon you need to grind some more for levels. Plus open beta or not once you start the cash shop items its up and ready to go.