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  1. Kill on sight guilds: Umbra Keepers of The Keg KiithSa Hunters Shut Up and Game The Church Of Dominus This list is NOT a list for single members of a guild that make you angry. This is for guilds that actively gank exiles through dailies or other areas. If you find any others comment and i will add accordingly.
  2. slayrin- I call this emporer's crest
  3. You can add my character slayrin for armourer
  5. i finished the werewolf quest at level 24 and i have got to say it is so much fun to transform in front of people and watch their reaction i swear i have been offered 25k gold just to bite someone
  6. The only thing i know for sure is that microsoft is going to be charging the monthly fee plus gold membership cost when sony said that you can play eso free without playstation plus.
  7. the guild is up in running to get an invite get on teamspeak and ask there is usually a an officer online.
  8. What does everyone think of the game so far? i think its pretty good so far but it will be better when they work out the bugs but since its release day for early access i can understand some bugs but at least its nothing game breaking so far.
  9. ##Sent lets do this ! @slayerzach
  10. i love doing WvW when we have the numbers to actually fight back cause the last few days have been nothing but defense(given that there was some epic battles because of it) but i thing like on certain days getting a bunch of guildies and doing WvW would be awesome.
  11. i bought the imperial version because i like some of the extras so i figured why not
  12. im glad to see alot of early access players but i hope they dont have any problems on release we dont need another error 37 or gta online.
  13. im probably going to go with either an imperial dragon knight or a high elf sorcerer but im not for sure we will see where the road takes me.
  14. i havent played in a while do to my laptop quiting but my desktop should be finished either tomorrow or the next day so send me an invite cause im gonna keep playing. slayerzach.3740