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  1. Alright so pretty much everybody says buy the trillogy. Done deal, I'll pick it up and play from the start. I'll let you guys know how it goes...if the gameplay is great I'm sure whatever ending I get won't be too bad. Thanks for evereyones recomendations.
  2. So before I get stoned to death, yeah I know its been around 5 years since this series had released. First year at college my friends at our dorms would discuss everything about mass effect 3 and coincidentally watched Angry Joe's review of the game, which introduced me to Joe' s work. Of the five of us I was the only one who didn't bother playing any of the three because I had a ps3 at the time. Since then I've owned an xbox 360 and I've thought about picking up the trilogy, but I heard from my friends that the storyline is meant to be the most important part of the game and their decisions didn't really matter. Even so is it still worth trying out or do I have to dedicate a lot of time to each game to get the most out of them? Also is it necessary to play all 3 games to get actual plot sequences to change drastically? Thanks in advance for your help, and yeah I know a little late to the party lol
  3. Rockstar should sue her back for the pain and suffering we have all recieved out of her stupidity. She does not look like that girl, I doubt anyone thought of Lindsay Lohan.
  4. Well I never played far cry 3, I only played the 1st mission of battlefied 3, but do understand where your coming from. You found some games that hit your life; therefore amplifiying your experience with these games. I can relate on that end. Assassin's Creed 3 is my favorite AC game but it too got critized by Angry Joe and most youtube reviewers. But that's just it mate, its their opinion its what they think of the game. Perhaps AC 3 woudn't be so special to me if it didn't relate to myself. Always being misguided and looked at as poor example of a tradidion of past indiduals that you have to surpass or else your a disgrace. To me AC3 showed a foreign individual who wasn't rich and elegant to use fancy clothes or weapons. Wasn't raised in an environment where a creed was everything that mattered. It was just a boy triying to figure out the world and triying his best to save those he cared about and unfortunatly having others will so called good morals misguiding him and deceiving him into mistakes. In the end he was all alone, and his experience grew out of his trials; he felt real in that way. Most people would argue Connor was dull and his character was antisocial. But it is what it is man. A good game is decided on your first gameplay with it. At least thats what I think, reviews are good but its ultimatly up to you to decided how great your games are.
  5. Does it flicker if you play your console or use a dvd player? If it still does its not the cable connections its an internal problem. Hope this helps.
  6. Real talk? Because my friends refused to get a ps3, I had to swap it out for an xbox 360 so we could all play together....lol Then last of us came out, and I kicked myself lol (my friends had the nerve to get mad at me for selling my ps3; they all wanted to play it)
  7. So I just got back from my friend's house. He got his ps4. Three down, just me and my buddy Matt left withought a ps4/xbox one. The 3 that got their consoles went with ps4, so it seems my path has already been determined.... Altough this last gen they all had their xbox 360 and I had a ps3, maybe I should get an xbox one box and bring it over just to see their face
  8. For me its always Assassin's Creed games and Zelda pretty much. AC4 has a lot of side quests you can do, with the story and some side missions complete I'm at 66%. Honestly I won't ever get pass 80% but it usually helps keep me busy till the next new game comes out.
  9. I feel you, it seems like next year will be the release of next gen's full value lineups and services like ps4's cloud streaming. Speaking of which if I can play the last of us with Gaiki's services I might make jump. Or I can calm myself and wait for a better offer.
  10. I heard about Brazil's ridiculous prices for next gen. If I'm not mistaken an xbox one is less than a ps4, can you visit another country and get it for less? At least $1000 usd that sucks.
  11. So what is it? Is there a particular game title that might persuade you to make the leap or are you just fine with your xbox/ps3 till they stop making games. (Probably not til 2015) Altough I heard ps2 games were still being made till this year......wow.
  12. I'm on the same boat, if Zelda comes out Nintendo is getting my money. I always leered at the prospects of being a fanboy, but by definition this proves I am one. I can't help it, i love Zelda.
  13. You ask a very good question. Honestly at first I thought Microsoft was defintly charging more for their inclusion of the kinnect 2.0. However I read an article about the xbox one being worth around $470 to make when you take the price for every piece it has in retailer's suggested price I think. I personally think the xbox one could be made for about $300 if you find good deals on the parts, but ultimatly because it is a gaming console there should be some expectations to come with its services outside the box. I cannot justify myself to buy an xbox one only because I know the fact that I don't have cable tv or enjoy watching sports other than soccer; therefore taking out a crucial benifcactor of reasons to buy an xbox one (ironic for a gaming console no?) But if you do have cable tv, enjoy watching sports like nfl, you will get a boost to your experience because honestly the ps4 and xbox one in specs are very similar. For me a ps4 would benefit me better but I still won't buy one until I'm forced to get one. Or if the last guardian comes out for ps4 only lol.
  14. Quality over quantity has been a popular phrase for a reason, well because it's usually a winning formula. But you know with games coming out with bad reviews or perhaps mixed ratings there never seems to be a way for games to be measured in value other than playing it. Which of course means buying it or (what I do) borrow a game from a friend or cousin for a few days to get an idea of what I might possibly get out it as a purchase. I tend to feel a minority now when I go to gamestores and see people forking over their hard earn cash to preorder things that may/may not be a good return on their end. I admit that I've gone to some websites to check out the reviews for some games, but it wasn't until assassin's creed iv came out that I completly gave up on reviews for games. There was a review for assassin's creed 3 that got an 8.5 out of 10 and was considered by most critics of that company to be "stale" at best. Ok nothing wrong with that, as an educated consumer I can take that into consideration no problem. Yet Assassin's Creed IV came out this October, same reviewer said it was great. "Increadible visonary succecor". It too got an 8.5 out of 10. So for obvious reasons I started to give games a little more chance to be a part of my library, because in the end the game will only be as good as your experience with the first gameplay.