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Blue Rogue

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  1. LoreMaster liked a post in a topic by Blue Rogue in Should I finally try out Mass Effect?   
    Alright so pretty much everybody says buy the trillogy. Done deal, I'll pick it up and play from the start. I'll let you guys know how it goes...if the gameplay is great I'm sure whatever ending I get won't be too bad. Thanks for evereyones recomendations.
  2. DrakeAkin liked a post in a topic by Blue Rogue in PLZ HELP ME MY HDTV IS ACTING UP   
    Does it flicker if you play your console or use a dvd player? If it still does its not the cable connections its an internal problem. Hope this helps.
  3. Black_Oak liked a post in a topic by Blue Rogue in An honest, revealing opinion.   
    Well I never played far cry 3, I only played the 1st mission of battlefied 3, but do understand where your coming from. You found some games that hit your life; therefore amplifiying your experience with these games. I can relate on that end.
    Assassin's Creed 3 is my favorite AC game but it too got critized by Angry Joe and most youtube reviewers. But that's just it mate, its their opinion its what they think of the game. Perhaps AC 3 woudn't be so special to me if it didn't relate to myself. Always being misguided and looked at as poor example of a tradidion of past indiduals that you have to surpass or else your a disgrace. To me AC3 showed a foreign individual who wasn't rich and elegant to use fancy clothes or weapons. Wasn't raised in an environment where a creed was everything that mattered. It was just a boy triying to figure out the world and triying his best to save those he cared about and unfortunatly having others will so called good morals misguiding him and deceiving him into mistakes.
    In the end he was all alone, and his experience grew out of his trials; he felt real in that way.  Most people would argue Connor was dull and his character was antisocial. But it is what it is man. A good game is decided on your first gameplay with it. At least thats what I think, reviews are good but its ultimatly up to you to decided how great your games are.
  4. Jackie liked a post in a topic by Blue Rogue in Anyone Considering a Wii U?   
    I'm on the same boat, if Zelda comes out Nintendo is getting my money. I always leered at the prospects of being a fanboy, but by definition this proves I am one.
    I can't help it, i love Zelda.