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  1. It's about goddamn time we get some games that aren't throwaway indie games. Nisefuckinjob, Sony
  2. I torture myself playing Warframe every day, because I have to resist spending money on platinum every time I see a good deal on prime gear and mods...
  3. Maybe it's a really subtle way of Infinity Ward telling us that they are sick of making COD...
  4. Honestly, my favorite co-op game of all time was this PS2 game called Darkwatch. Me and my cousin beat that game at least 30 times together. But, some others I had fun with were Gears of War (1), Left 4 Dead, and SOCOM.
  5. Well, if you want to buy it used for just the game in "acceptable" condidtion. New still costs at least $70 dollars; that's probably the downside to a "really short google search".
  6. I would be down for that...
  7. If it TRULY is $400, then I would most likely buy it. I personally feel it is going to be a "slim" version of a 1st-gen PS4. If it honestly does have more powerful hardware, then they should allow you to trade in your old PS4 and get a reasonable discount. I would buy it (unless it is more than $400, or if it comes with the VR headset).
  8. That is exactly the game I used to play. Damn, those were good times... Too bad that game goes for $70 now.
  9. Don't say that... You will get them riled up. But seriously, I think DS3 is the best in the series. It has the faster-paced Bloodborne combat (without the Rally Potential which I think made the game too easy). And, it also has the weapon and armor variety of Souls games, while still streamlining the way Defense is calculated (Bloodborne-ish). Not to mention, it is the best looking out of all the Souls games (except dat framerate).
  10. Well, you seem to know more about it than I do... Thanks for the wisdom, chief.
  11. I know there is already PC games for that, but none of them have the stuff I liked from the TV show. Like the monsters materializing and actually having attack/defense animations, or the spell/trap cards actually ensnaring their prey on the field. I would SO buy a new Yu-Gi-Oh game with full animations for monsters, spells, traps, etc... P.S: Anybody remember Dungeon Dice Monsters from season 2? I always thought that would make a kick-ass strategy game
  12. I am extremely hyped for this game; I've been playing Ninja Gaiden II non-stop since it was announced to prepare...
  13. I think they need to buff the Exotics that are very mediocre first, like Hard Light. Just imagine if hard light had explosive rounds; due to the perk being called "Volatile Light".
  14. PSN: Burrito_Supreme7 Currently play: Destiny Will be Playing Dying Light on tuesday