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  1. It's pretty sad when a fellow youtuber of all people (one who faces the same danger of getting false DMCA'd and should know better) pulls this bullshit. I really, really hope Angry Joe pulls his considerable weight and resources to destroy this prick. Someone this shady and unethical has no place on the youtube scene.
  2. As much as I like SWTOR (great story, awesome worlds to visit, Star Wars), its utterly horrible F2P business model makes it difficult to recommend. If you play this game without being a subscriber, prepare to be treated like a second class citizen. EA literally locks away BASIC game functions behind a pay wall. The sprint button is locked. You're limited to two hotkey bars. You can't hide your helmet unless you pay. You can't customize your companions' appearance unless you pay. You have to pay for bank access. Money is capped at 200,000. You can't send mail, only receive it. PVP and space missions are limited per week. Can't equip rare/legendary items. No rested XP bonus. All items and services cost more in-game. Leveling up takes longer. Can only sell 2 items at once at the auction house. And the biggest BS of all: No customer service unless you subscribe. Here's a list of the complete BS limitations: http://www.swtor.com/free/features Thankfully, I'm only playing this game for the story, which in my opinion is the best part of the game. I'm not even trying to be social in here, since there are so many limitations that I don't even feel it's worth it. Usually if I play a game as much as I do SWOTOR, I buy at least $30 worth of microtransactions just to show my appreciation. But I don't feel like spending money here, since all these limits are just insulting. This is the type of game I feel I could have spent a massive amount of money on (over $100) like I did for Warframe, but EA's idiotic policies just leave me cold. So no money for you.
  3. Yeah, NO. I bought Far Cry 3 on Steam, and for whatever reason Ubisoft made me install Uplay. I already have a form of DRM in the form of Steam, I don't need more bullshit clogging up my system. I have no CHOICE in the matter; if I want to play the game I just payed for, I have to have Uplay on my system. I don't know why you don't get that fact. I chose to install Steam. I did not choose to install Uplay. Simple as that.
  4. I have no contention with Steam because I chose to install it myself; I wasn't forced to install. True, most games require Steam as their form of DRM, but unlike Origin or Uplay, Steam is generally hassle-free, at least in my experience. If that makes me a hypocrite, then so be it. By your dopey logic your love of Uplay makes you an Ubisoft fanboy. Name-calling is so mature and wonderful, isn't it?
  5. Yeaaaah, that's called pirating. If people don't have the money to buy the game then don't play it. As much as I love video games, they are a luxury not a need. It's not like stealing bread to feed your starving family.
  6. I'm liking the game so far. I just wish that Taskmaster's costume wasn't so lame; he'd be awesome otherwise. Also, Squirrel Girl's squirrels are absolutely vicious. Theyr'e like a wave of bitey, gnashing teeth with fur. Nightmare-inducing.
  7. Where to start. Hmm... Path of Exile is a great ARPG. Very dark, very atmospheric. It's what Diablo 3 should have been. Rift is a great MMORPG that's kind of like WoW but isn't. That doesn't make sense when you read it, but it'll make total sense once you play Rift. Just remember to go Defiant. Guardians are loser assfaces. DC Universe Online is a pretty good superhero MMORPG. In my opinion, Champions Online is better, but it's a bit dated graphically and its published by Perfect World so there are a ton of paywalls. If DC isn't your thing, then Marvel Heroes is a good alternative. Although it's an ARPG and not an MMORPG, it's still pretty fun and you can play as some classic Marvel universe heroes. If you can tolerate anime then I highly recommend Dragon Nest. It's a great action-type MMORPG with a battlesystem similar to Neverwinter but with a story that doesn't put you to sleep. Best character class is the time-traveling tinker girl with the huge cannon.
  8. Yeah, Nvidia is good at making cards but really shit with their business decisions. Locking off competing cards from using their software or paying off devs to make sure their games run worse on competing cards is just massively dickish. It's one of the reasons I don't buy Nvidia. Also, Ubisoft is known for crappy PC optimization in general so it's probably best to just wait on a patch.
  9. Yes, it's sad but that's the risk you take. I make it a point never to buy anything on Uplay or Origin, since they are generally shitty services. Plus I take contention with these companies forcing me to use their garbage programs just so I can play games I already paid for.
  10. Managed to log into the reserve page. Put in both my character and guild names, hit save, and the countdown timer opened. Hopefully all is well and I got my names.
  11. I originally planned on playing an Engineer, but the bot AI is so retardedly awful that my kidneys keep falling out of my body whenever I play it. So it's Spellslinger for me.
  12. I was gonna say Scarlet Briar from Guild Wars 2 (I hate Mary Sues in fanfiction, kindly keep them out of your games, Arenanet.) But then previous posts reminded me of the God Child from Mass Effect 3 and how he ruined the entire franchise for me. So yeah, my vote goes to that putrid, pitiful, shit-stained, garbage fueled pile of rotting cow feces that was Mass Effect 3's last ten minutes. Go to hell, God Child. Go. To. Hell.
  13. Since I played an Argonian, I really didn't care who lost the civil war so long as they left Black Marsh alone. I eventually sided with the Empire, though, since Ulfric and his Stormcloaks were just a bunch of racist thugs. Oh well, it doesn't really matter. Once the Dominion, Empire, and Stormcloaks kill and weaken each other, the whole of the continent is ripe for the An-Xileel's taking...
  14. Guild Wars 2 is definitely the best bang for your buck. It's fun as hell, graphics are excellent, and the characters and story are quite enjoyable. I even had fun in PVP, and I usually hate PVP. ESO at the moment is just a blatant cash grab by Zenimax Online. It might be worth playing when it goes free to play, but as of right now it's just not worth $60 + $15 a month + $20 extra for the Imperial Edition if you want any decent stuff + future $$$ at the microtransactions shop.
  15. Wow, what an unmitigated disaster. I'm amazed I haven't heard more of this event, sounds like big news what with $400,000 going straight into the toilet mostly because of just one man. Yeah, that Matti guy seemed like a major douche. Not only was he unprofessional, but he showed a blatant ignorance of who his targeted demographic was by trying to turn a game jam documentary into a scripted reality show drama. The guys at Maker really should have grown a pair and reigned this asshole in from the outset, as everyone saw that he and his team were a disaster waiting to happen. Yet because of their managerial failure, the entire event was ruined. Oh well, hopefully the next event (if there IS a next event) will be better managed. This game jam fiasco was a pure failure on management's part to keep things on task and everyone on point.