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Everything posted by ELACaster

  1. Has everyone unlocked/tried all the pistols? I'm confused as to why DICE would make 2 pistols that essentially worthless because they get literally upgraded versions later (QSZ-92 and M1911). I understand cosmetic preferences but why have weapons that are literally gimped.
  2. any ping over 70 and get ready to get "wanted bullets" around corners and people killing you who aren't looking at you.
  3. Unfortunately living in America makes my ping skyrocket on the EU server lol. but the AJSA community is really fun to play with.
  4. I found a pretty good pistol only server if you guys want to level up your side arms. just search this in the server browser. First Kill Gaming | PISTOL PISTOLS ONLY | All MapsPost up any other cool servers for leveling up.
  5. I got into PC builiding recently and i support this.
  6. My name is Colonel_Soy because I like soy sauce on everything, I'm pretty active and usually down to play, I usually use Razer comms and Skype. Edit: I switched it to ELACaster to make it easier to identify me.