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  1. I would like to add that there aren't many great things in the world, but watching your pet Trike stomp the hell out of EVERYTHING is one of them.
  2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would just ignore the hate.
  3. Look me up, I wanna get my car and bike upgraded. I'm on PC. Names TerribleTurbomen
  4. The Nexus Mod Manager makes installing/uninstalling mods a piece of cake!
  5. I am ALL over this!
  6. As many of us here in the Angry Army know, when ESO first released, a bunch of us had a bit of a falling out with it. I always said though that if ESO ever went free to play I would give it another chance and I still plan on doing that. From what I hear, ESO is dropping the sub fee March 17, 2015. I have heard rumors that they fixed a bunch of stuff and I figured it’s worth giving it a second look. Is anyone else who quit ESO planning on loading it up once it’s B2P or are you over it at this point? Btw, from what I heard (and this pissed me off again) ESO technically is just making the sub fee optional. That sub fee is turning into a premium service (…for a fucking $80 game already) which I think its horse shit. Source: http://kotaku.com/how-the-subscription-free-elder-scrolls-online-will-wor-1680958606
  7. I am confuse...
  8. Welcome to the party! ajsFlag
  9. Welcome to the party!!!
  10. Happy New Year AJSA!!! I love you all!
  11. Capcom.... you guys use to be cool...
  12. holy crap! I never thought the AJSA would get into WoW. looks like I godda give WoD a try. ...Alliance though...
  13. This is the best DA of them all! Maybe deep down, EA does have a heart after all.
  14. I got ESO at the beginning (Imperial Edition) and to be honest, If they would just drop that damn sub fee I would come back to it! I didn't HATE ESO like some others did. I just felt it wasn't worth a sub fee when it first came out. It also didn't help that I was experiencing a little bit of buyers remorse after spending 80 bucks just to get in. I honestly feel that unless they drop that sub fee, the game is going to slowly fade away and vice verse dropping that sub fee will bring returning players BACK into the game. So PLEASE Zenimax, do the smart thing and just drop that stupid fee!!