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  1. Man, the excitement for Normandy always gave me goosebumps. Just watching that video and looking back at all the memories really makes me want to bust out crying (not literally) because it was so epic. I really hope the devs bring it back soon.
  2. I feel like I've seen you before, back in PR v0.981. I went under a different name though, it was iAn7194.
  3. I play PR regularly and 3 words...it. is. awesome. If this game never finds its way to the AJSA, then it's no problem. I would be more than happy if someone who's never heard or played PR, would at least give it a try in their free time. I would be willing to teach others a few of the ropes in the game and explain how it all works. I'm not the best teacher but I'm pretty sure you can catch on quick if you've had experience in other tactical shooters like ArmA 3 or PS2, maybe throw in a little Red Orchestra 2 in there...I really can't think of any others that are similar to PR but you get the idea. If there are other PR players out there who are just looking to squad up and play a few rounds, let me know and I'll join you.
  4. My name is Quaggan because I became obsessed with them when playing Guild Wars 2. My personality is very much like a Quaggan, besides them being all pudgy, so beware. My real name is Adrian, some people just call me ian. I'm a former Xbox and PS user but I've been a PC gamer at heart. I chose to join the AJSA because the community seems right at home for me and of course I wouldn't have known about it until I found the AngryJoeShow on YouTube. I also have a cousin who joined the AJSA and he just thought I should join too, so here I am. I'll see you all on the battlefield. The website looks great by the way.