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  1. The game personally i think its really good. The story and the questing is nice. The game play has improved a lot since released. The only downside for the game in my opinion is that the grouping outside dungeons is useless. You can't Quests with friend at all because even if you are in the same quest and one of you finished it first you can see each other. Another annoying thing i found, at low level you can't find group for dungeons because no one plays a Tank or Healer. That the problem with most of the MMO like this though. I haven't played after level 20 soooo i am not sure how the end game is. As first impression it only worth if you enjoying it as a Single Player game with some Multiplayer functionality and if you are fun of Elder Scrolls games. Also buy the Imperial Edition because without a horse... expect to walk a lot. If you find it cheap go for it because it does not have subscription. Personally i think there are better MMO out there than this.
  2. Amazing review as always i was expecting to see a unfinished game like this. The graphics are gorgeous indeed and the sound is superb. The rest of the game average at best. Never played any Battlefront game before but i heard good things about it
  3. and i payed for that shit
  4. Does anyone plays Titanfall anymore?? :/ i really like that game
  5. is anyone playing this game ? i would like to play with team and not on my own >< its annoying playing on yourself
  6. apart from waiting 5 hours + and it was a bit late. It was really nice nothing special...
  7. oh man this game is better than i though! D: way better than BF4 or COD it self so much fun also voted full price!
  8. League of Legends , Team Fortress 2 , COD.
  9. i hope they don't ruin this game
  10. I have the feeling that the end game is.... kind of limited where does this game goes from here?
  11. I really miss the good old days of Stargate SG1... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfOana0gTzY
  12. i got Razer Abyssus mouse , i didn't had more money for Logitech G500. Its good enough
  13. I find this good idea!I wouldn't mind play with groop i like that game but i am not that good at games like that and i wanted to be good at it.
  14. its interesting at least but when i first played it the UI was kind of annoying, i couldn't find simple things that was quite hard to understand how they work and it a bit unfriendly to new users. Its fun but you have to learn it. S
  15. I don't listen to that band but i guess you like it 9/10 it has a really nice cover though